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Thread: British tourists charged GBP 54 for 4 ice creams in Rome

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    British tourists charged GBP 54 for 4 ice creams in Rome

    Rome is expensive, but this takes the cake:

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    A good "call " by the Mayor ! Far too much worldwide publicity for such rip-off . Every city has them..customers were nieve. It'sasy to say No Thanks .
    Rome is a great city to visit with prices to suit every pocket . Don't be put off by this

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    That's about $80 US for 4 ice creams

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    I had something similar happen to us when we were in Rome about 20 years ago.
    I don't speak Italian but it's similar to Spanish so sort of understood what they were charging others.
    When it was our turn to pay the price was more than double what the Italians were paying.
    After that I learned it was much better to speak Spanish instead of English in Rome.
    Now when I go to Europe I speak Spanish.


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