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Thread: Free Monarch Grand Vacations Timeshare

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    Free Monarch Grand Vacations Timeshare

    We have a timeshare with Monarch Grand Vacations, that is paid off and we just never use it so we want to see if anyone at all is interested in taking ownership. It's 155 points Platinum Membership with Resorts all over. We do not for any money for it, we will pay the transfer fee, you pay the maintenance fee to the resort. Message me if you want more details or have an interest. All current fees paid up to date.

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    Maintenance Fees are up to date. You will incur no cost. I cant seem figure out how to edit this post to change the wording on the fees.

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    It would be helpful if you listed what the total yearly fees are for the 155 points. You can not edit your post after several hours.


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