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Thread: HELP !!!! Need help to determine point values

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    HELP !!!! Need help to determine point values

    In 2011 we purchased a 3 BR, 3 BA Deluxe at Sunset Cove in Marco Island from Summer Bay Resorts
    It is a Registry Collection Resort and has 700 Registry Points associated with it.
    At the time of purchase we were told that 700 Registry Points equate to 175,000 RCI points
    This property was sold to Orange Lake / Holiday Inn 2 Months after we bought it.
    Holiday Inn tells us that it is only worth 162,500 RCI points - We had no recourse so we had to sign on.
    On a time share presentation Feb 24 at Summer Bay we were informed that this property is indeed 175,000 points and produced a document on their letterhead stating the same
    My Dilemma: ---- If I approach Holiday Inn they will say that Summer Bay is wrong or that RCI changed the point value
    Therefore I need to get my hands on some sort of document from RCI that states that if a Property holds a 700 Registry point value then it is worth the 175,000 but I don't know who to contact
    Can anyone out there help ???

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    I don't have any help for you on the RCI points thing but wow that's alot of RCI points.

    I know this property is also an affiliate in Hilton Grand Vacation Club.
    I believe it's 7000 points. Have you thought of converting it to the HGVC system.
    You would have access to RCI points and weeks with that ownership as well as the HGVC system.
    Just a thought.

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    I believe a unit would have had to have been bought and converted before it became Summer Bay (and then subsequently Holiday Inn) to be eligible for HGVC. Only owners who converted while it was still an eligible affiliate can participate in HGVC.

    As to the property I would suggest you go through the registry collection if you are still a member and see if it is still worth 700 points and if that does equate to 175,000. If it is a straight conversion it should be up to the registry collection and RCI. If it was you can use this as 700 points in the registry collection or use it as 175,000 points with RCI points you should be able to look on the points chart and see if that is so. Did you convert to Holiday Inn points and go with their system? If you did then as a member of their "club" you are kind of at the mercy of the rules of the club and they can assign you whatever is written in their documents. When clubs give you deposits in terms of points to use in RCI they don't necessarily really deposit your deed unit but can pick from what they have available and in turn you get the trading power or points the club assigns you to use.

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    I saw your post OY. I think you may have trouble finding too many others in your situation because Summer Bay only sold there from 2009 through the end of 2011. So you need to find people who bought from the developer (Summer Bay) or bought resale or paid Summer Bay to convert to RCI points or crown points. I think it is a fairly small resort. So there may not be that many in your boat. The other problem is that the difference in points is 12,500 which at a penny a point (which is considered a good value) it is $125 per year. At 2 cents a year it is $250 a year. Even at that I am not sure, you would be able to get enough people to think a law suit is in order. Nothing is really guaranteed with points systems. Rather than throw additional good money after a bad situation, you might want to dump what you own for what you can get and rethink owning a TS if you don't want to use your deeded week.

    Hopefully you will find what you are looking for and find a way to make it work for you.


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