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Thread: Wyndham possibly playing dirty with online reservations...

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    Wyndham possibly playing dirty with online reservations...

    Been losing tons of holiday rebooks through Wyndham's online reservation system- so decided to run a little test cooperating with several other brokers.

    When cancelling a reservation, it appears to show light green on the calendar, but never gives you an opportunty to rebook the dates. In the past, this could occur when the reservation was taken by another member who simply clicked the mouse a little quicker! However, now it appears that the system is only showing that "light green calendar" to the actual member who cancels- while never allowing that reservation to show up for other owners to book online.
    Yet somehow- those reservations are disappearing as if they've been booked by another owner!

    Cancelled four prime spring reservations today while on a conference call with three other Wyndham owners who were entering the exact search parameters for what I cancelled.. None of them saw any of the reservations show up as available. Yet, in each case the online system showed me a green calendar for a moment but never gave me the opportunity to rebook it.

    With all the developer sale weasels who have been upgrading Club Wyndham owners to VIP purchases via the promise of "cancel and rebook", sure seems like another example of timeshare bait and switch to me.. Of course, rumors are still running rampant that an April deadline is still in place to effectively do away with cancel and rebook tactics entirely by implementing a wait list.

    And developers wonder why timeshares continue to have a negative public perception....
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    When a trick has reached the point that the weasels are touting it as a sales gimmick you can be assured it's useful life is near an end. It has been fully identified and the ramifications studied by the higher ups. It is seen as a clear benefit to owners and thus placed on the weasel go list for a short time. Then they make the move to first restrict it then eliminate it. The rebook is now nearing or at the elimination stage. Time to look for a new one to exploit until it too becomes weasel fodder and heads toward oblivion.

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    The one thing you can count on never changing in timesharing: things change.

    Whenever some high-value "trick" is discovered by enough people, eventually it goes away. Examples that come to mind include South Africa and 28K Wyndham deposits. I'm sure there are others, but nothing lasts forever.

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    When the resort itself has over-bookings, it will place a hold on inventory that is relinquished by owners until they have "fixed" the over-booking problem. Then they take the hold off and you can continue with your cancel-rebooking's. Once you lose one, you are best to wait a couple of weeks to try the next one. I have seen this happen for key dates at key resorts. I do a ton of rental so I will typically have a lot of inventory to risk and learn what resorts have a lock on dates through trial and error. Always keep in mind that the reward is very high and the risk is very low, therefore you should cancel rebook everything at all times (assuming you have status).

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    "Loose lips sink ships" ? Sometimes too much info. on forums is not good.

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    Isn't that a shame

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    Quote Originally Posted by mav View Post
    "Loose lips sink ships" ? Sometimes too much info. on forums is not good.
    If it's being spewed by Weasel lips it's way beyond any exposure by BBS postings. The whole idea that things have to be kept secret on board such as this tends to be nonsense anyway. It is true that the developers do keep an eye on these boards but in most cases aren't sharp or proactive enough to take any action.

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    This board is use by less than 10% of timeshare owners. There are over 1 million timeshare owners just in the USA reprted by ARDA.


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