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Thread: 2013 FF changes to be made

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    Quote Originally Posted by philsfan View Post
    Julio Jones last week

    J. Jones WR-TE -7 RuYd, 71 ReYd, ReTD (16) = 13.1 instead of 12.4. You added PPR so it's now 20.1 but the math is the same. The negative yards are not included. The downside to correcting that is that QB's get punished for downing the ball in victory formation at the end of the game. That would be a crappy way to lose.
    Yes it would be a crappy way to lose.

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    If you noticed I moved all of the Changes posts here. Len if you have time can you look at the 2012 FF thread to see if I missed any posts. We say every year we are going to make changes next year but when it comes time to make the Changes we always forget. Also If someone has time can we get all the changes in a single post. We can set a poll up or just vote on the changes here.

    One thing that has come up in the past is how many players we can have playing in our league. I would like to have as many as we can but no more than 14 people play. We can also do like the pros do and have a bye week if we have an odd # playing like 13 or 11 or raise the cap to 15.
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    I went through the 2012 thread. The only proposed changes came from BF and Mike. They were adding IDP's - Individual Defensive Players and separating the special teams from the defense. Both were voted down in pre season polls.

    I continue to think that if an owner drops out, the new person should take over the old team and the old team's draft position instead of tossing all of the players back in and making the new guy draft last. The new person would always have the option of dropping all of the players from their new team if they don't like them and want to use their own ideas on how to build a better team.

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    The only way an odd number works with bye weeks is if it's 13 teams and a 13 week regular season. I think 10 teams is the best number.

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    I never played in a league with IDP's but I would try it. Maybe we should start with 1 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirsty View Post
    Ok we are back up....Thanks Frank!!!

    Congrats to Beach Bum he is the Champion for this year.
    Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    I also have an idea for next year, Lets make the year last longer by starting the playoffs a week later., There is still one more week to go and it does not count. I hated that we started the play offs so early and lost this week.
    Can't use week 17. Rarely are the NFL games meaningful this late and players sit. Not fair to have the teams that roll all season to not get to use their best players for our Superbowl. Almost every fantasy league excludes week 17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    We do in my Yahoo league. IMO if is more fair to do a snake draft
    We don't do a snake draft because we have a keeper league.

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    Perfect example today with Ray Rice sitting for the Ravens in the last game.

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    Here are some more things to think about.

    1. Separate the defense and special teams into 2 positions.
    2. Change FG scoring 0-45 yards = 3 points, 45 to 55 yards = 4 points, 55 yards and plus = 5 points
    3. Changing the 2nd TE position to a flex position where that position could be filled with a WR, TE, or RB.
    4. For each reception a WR, QB, RB, TE, and K will get 1 point plus the points for yardage and TDs.
    5. Negative yards treated as a negative. If a player has 100 yards receiving and -15 rushing, right now they still get 10 points. It should only be 8.5.

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