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Thread: DRI points saving

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    Cool DRI points saving

    I have just come across a wrinkle in the Diamond Resorts points saving rules. I saved 7000 of 20,000 points before the 100% davings date and reserved some points to be used this year. When I finished making reservations today, I tried to save the remaining points, 800. The computer said that I could not save them. Turns out, you can only save points once during the year! It does not say that in the simplified rules. I was able to talk to a supervisor and get the 800 points saved. I was told that you must save all of the points at once and borrow them back, if needed. They say that there are no charges to borrow saved points back to the current year.

    I have just retired and have not been able to follow the forum much, so if I am duplicating another thread, sorry.


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    You can save your points from one year to the next. However, if you decide to make a reservation in the current year on points you have already saved into the next year, you cannot place them back into the next year if you decide to cancel the reservation. Those points will now stay in the current year. For example, if you have 20,000 points in 2013 and you decide to save all 20,000 into 2014 by June 30th, if you want to make a reservation at the Polo Towers for 5000 points for October 2013 after you had saved those points. You would now have 15,000 points for 2014. If you later wanted to cancel that Polo Towers reservation, you would not be able to put those 5000 points into 2014 again. You would have to use those 5,000 points now by December 31st 2013. I hope that helps.


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