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Thread: Wyndham Nashville September 2012 Review

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    Tuesday night another gal and I wanted to see Loretta Lynn at the Opry but the tickets were sold out. Stubhub had them for $250pp My understanding of the format is each artist does ~ 3 songs. No way could I justify $80/tune even for Loretta. I ended up strolling around the Gaylord hotel and shopping area.
    When I was just a kid, Loretta Lynn did an appearance at the K-Mart in Knoxville.

    I also saw George Jones at a Walmart appearance once and my son got him to sign a guitar.

    Pushing 60 and still haven't made it to the Opry. I will probably be in Nashville sometime this year on business. I hope they have someone I like at the Opry while I'm there so I can justify the expense.


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    This is another one we used to get even up, a two bedroom 8/6, every year. The first year of faux points they tried to rent it to us for $1200, then $1000, then $800 instead.

    Just another place they decided we really did not want to go to.

    Like the good china, and cups, I guess it's best to keep it above the reach of the riff-raff.

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