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Thread: What do you own when you buy a timeshare? Nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpumilia View Post
    The only thing I worry about is when the time comes to give it away and getting someone else to take over. But not at that point yet, Have many years of vacationing left in me! So this is what I OWN!
    That's the point of my comments in this thread, that for those who have not had to deal with that issue, timesharing may seem OK.

    But, everyone will have to sooner or later, one way or another.

    All you need to remember is that when the time comes, you're on your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronparise View Post
    If you dont like that approach lets just consider what a timeshare costs vs what it costs to rent comparable vacation rentals or a hotel
    This is the approach I take, and everytime I look into vacationing without a timeshare I am reminded what a good deal it is. On average I pay less than $100/night for a 2 or 3 BR timeshare (or a 5 BR, sometimes!), with a full kitchen, nice grounds, sometimes ocean front view, etc. and it's pretty effortless -- I find the unit I want with Bluegreen or RCI, make the reservation, done. I do research the specific resorts, but that's a separate process. For a while after 2008, I could find similar deals for non-Timeshare-owning friends, but selection was limited and it was pretty random. Those kinds of deals are rare now, at least through my old methods.

    The only problem I have with owning a Timeshare is the concern of getting rid of it when you can no longer use it. With five kids, and numerous other friends in that generation (my church is prolific), that's not a big concern for me. We bought the thing for the cost of transfer fees, and we're fine with paying the transfer fees and giving it away when the time comes.

    OTOH, I despise the Timeshare sales staff and would never buy one new, back in the day), in part because the purchase of a new one pays for the Timeshare staff. It's the salespeople that give Timeshares such a bad name, for good reason. I don't like how they prey on the weak, just for starts. But, as with all salespeople, if the buyer knows more than they do, they're not a big problem. As owners, we rarely deal with the salespeople, and the people we do deal with tend to be low key and pleasant.

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    That was pretty intriguing! Thanks a lot for sharing this thread! Since I like the topic, I'll be following it!
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