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Thread: Undefeated Consumer Trial Lawyer gives answers on Timeshare Aftermarket for FREE!

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    Undefeated Consumer Trial Lawyer gives answers on Timeshare Aftermarket for FREE!

    Undefeated Consumer Trial Lawyer answers Consumer Questions about Timeshare Aftermarket Sales, Transfers and Cancellations.

    It’s FREE! But you get the same respect and dignity that you deserve, as if you paid $650/hr.

    Do you believe it? You can actually talk to an Undefeated Consumer Trial Attorney for free. This will restore your faith in the world, and with all due respect to Timeshare Forums, as it alone, exclusively offers Consumer Lawyer access to people considering whether to join as members which is 100% Free anyway, , or upgrade & donate and make a small donation to support the site’s ongoing mission to protect timeshare owners.

    Free Consumer Attorney access is a dynamic way for new people from the Internet, Facebook and Twitter to be introduced to new their community website. And, this is one “Free” offer that really is different… because it’s real… and it’s pure… and it actually turns out to be 100% true. Hopefully this experience with a competent Consumer Protection Attorney who cares, will distinguish the Timeshare Forums community from the greater Timeshare Industry. Timeshare Forums is now leading the entire industry with this bold move in Consumer Protections.

    The Bottom Line is Consumer Rights, so organizations like TCPAA (.org) include as a designated consumer “Safe-Zone” recommended as a secure online owners’ community resource that consumers can use to: (1) screen various timeshare aftermarket "services", (2) securely list timeshares for sale, and (3) build consumer empowerment in a supportive environment. Timeshare Forums has earned this prominent role in the Grand Design of Consumer Protections in the Timeshare Industry.

    Often Consumer questions are actually going to get good answers quite effectively by the Timeshare Forums community, in addition to advisable governmental fraud-checking, reliable research methods and effective use of the BBB ratings system. So when we talk, we’ll figure that into your 'Savvy Consumer Checklist' that we’ll produce together and get you started with a membership if you're new or an upgrade for the cause if your ready. Either way, we'll talk.

    So give me a call at (360) 888-4800 – Direct Calls to a complimentary Consumer Attorney -- A Timeshare Forums Exclusive Benefit

    Very truly yours,

    John Phillip Abrams
    WSBA Attorney #31068
    Consumer Protection Attorney
    Timeshare Divestment Lawyer
    Timeshare Industry Legal Analyst and Author – Owners Be Safe!

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    Okay, let me give you a scenario that we see here occaisionally. A newbie goes on a developer tour, gets a snow job, and buys a week for full retail that he can get for a fraction of that on the resale market. He manages to discover this after his recission period has expired. What angles, if any, should he be looking to in trying to extricate himself from this situation? Are there any states whose courts may be more or less sympathetic to such a person?

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    Nice, but, let me see . . . how many years have I, and others, been trying to get consumer empowerment on Internet Forums?

    10? 12? ??

    What's different now?
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    Why not start with developers selling TSs for $1000's when the owners they've sold to before can't even get a buck for theirs?

    Name one viable exit strategy that all owners stuck with their junk can use.

    Is this it:

    Lawyer Managed Solutions Starting at $500

    To end all future obligations and associated liabilities requires Owners to obtain a LEGALLY COMPLIANT RESORT APPROVED SALE or a NEGOTIATED RELEASE from the resort or club, and thus a binding, permanent and lawful divestment of the timeshare ownership.

    •And should it be necessary… Who is on YOUR side?
    A Lawyer that will rein-in the most formidable powers of the Timeshare Industry; and then selectively engage the appropriate levels and monitor every detail to secure your Owner Divestment Agreement ensuring all title, interest, associated financial obligations & liabilities shall legally cease… forever!

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    Good Luck!
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