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Thread: Convert Fixed Weeks to Points

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    Convert Fixed Weeks to Points

    My mother recently passed away and I inherited her Wyndham fixed week timeshare.

    I already have Wyndham Points and was wondering if I can convert the fixed week to Club WyndhamSM Plus points by paying a conversion fee of $189 or do I have to make a “new” Wyndham retail purchase to convert the week? I have over 200,000 points, so this would bring me up to over 300,000 points since the week would be worth 105,000 points. I just have never kept up with my Wyndham account since I have never been VIP so it didn't matter before until I began thinking about it.



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    Sorry about your loss Susan

    I believe the Wyndham conversion is more like $1995 for a fixed week - certainly not worth it for 105K points.
    What kind of TPUs will RCI give u to deposit?
    Or is it a resort that SFX or TPI or DAE would take?

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    The fee to convert a week is actually $2395 and if the week or any of your previous points were bought resale, then the account would not be eligible for VIP.

    Even if her week was purchased directly from Fairfield and your points purchased from the developer, in my opinion VIP Silver would still not be worth the $2395 to convert the week. Plus in October the points needed for first level of VIP will increase to 400,000.



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