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    Talking Anyone sale ther SA

    Anyone sale ther SA week lately. What kind of price did you get.

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    I sold mine through CapeEscapes in 2009. I netted what I paid for it, sale price was 16000 Rand, whatever that was worth at the time.

    Process was very slow and annoying, but they are well known to buyers looking for SA vacation properties and I would use them again if I had another SA week to unload.

    I know it helped that I had a peak South African holiday week.

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    I've "purchased" two weeks in SA in the past couple months.
    One Dikholo and one Sudwala, both 2br units, both for free, plus closing costs.

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    I sold my Mt Amanzi red holiday week several years ago. I don't remember exactly what I got for it, but it was a fair price and I had gotten more than my money worth of trades from it. I gave away a white Durban Sands and was glad to be rid of it.

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    I gave mine away a couple of years ago. I had paid $500 for it, and that included 10 years of RCI membership, so I more than got my money's worth from it.


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