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Thread: Another resort targeted by Bullfrog Lamont fights back

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    Another resort targeted by Bullfrog Lamont fights back

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    Highest and best use - just speculating

    Many of us will be familiar with the principle of highest and best use. Is it possible that some timeshare owners would get the highest value out of their ownership interests if the properties themselves were sold to a party who intends to recombine the interests and use the property for full time residences or even short term rentals? If a property has been timeshare for 30+ years and the vast majority of original purchasers are no longer in the picture, is it not possible that those who acquired a 1/50th interest in a $100,000 piece of real estate for free or nearly free would truly benefit from that real estate being sold and the proceeds distributed to the owners of those interests? I realize that this is not what Froggy is reportedly doing, but nevertheless, the idea is intriguing.

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    ''Highest and best use'' is all too often just a cover for what a developer wants to do to line his own pockets. It always has to be taken with a grain of salt when it is asserted.

    In the case of the Bullfrog, that is clearly the case. His schemes are designed not to leave any of the loot in the hands of the timeshare owners but to get it all, or all that he can, for himself. That particularly includes schemes to compell owners to turn over ownership to him before the property is sold.

    The Bullfrog has always been a crooked parasite on the timeshare industry long before he cooked up these schemes to crash timeshares and put the money in his own pocket. His earlier schemes were bad enough, but this one is even worse.

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    TO get a flavor of how the Bullfrog operates, I suggest you look at some of the material from the old Crimeshare site posted in this thread:

    Posts 4 and 7 have the Crimeshare material, and post 2 has a news article from the Johannesburg Star newspaper that had been reproduced at Crimeshare. The Crimeshare site was run by officers of the Timeshare Consumers Association in the UK.

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    Sigh. It would be great if the owners at Lowveld could band together to banish the Bullfrog.



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