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Thread: La Jolla Mazatlan, Mexico/ Fraud time share robbery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSV View Post
    Thank you for all the responses. I do not think I am alone in this, though for a while I did, until I started researching.
    No, I did not know this thing happens all the time. I know it is my fault for believing what they told me. If I would have known this happens all the time, I donít think I would have eat the story up.
    I was told by an attorney who practices law in Mexico and the States, that the only way to close this robbers down was to hope that enough complaints, in different states, against the same perpetrator, may attract the attention of officials; otherwise hire an attorney and go after them for my money Ė well, I have not money for this, so I am doing it the hard way.
    No interest in negotiating with them anymore, though they are trying. I donít think I can stay at a place where I know while I enjoy the pool, the beach, and the scenery, next door in their sales room they are ripping people off. Call me stupid but I just canít do it. I canít be part of that. I purchased something which they canít give, that was the negotiation, and we are passed that.
    I take the loss, but I have to believe there is something we can do so they donít do this again to others.
    These things take time and patience, they are not going to be out of business in a week, but they will, and all these postings will help people who are looking for a timeshare, to stay away from this one.
    I didnít know Mayan was bad too. I am learning a lot.
    Anyway, thank you for the comments, they are all appreciated.
    Maybe I am naÔve, but is Christmas ĖTime to believe.
    Lots of luck but I believe you are beating your head against a brick wall. What officials do you expect to attract their attention? US officials can't, and won't do anything and any Mexican officials won't unless you can prove that the written contract is fraudulent. This has been going on for years and years. I know you don't want to but you really should negotiate with them as they suggested and be done with it. Otherwise, you are going to be stressed out trying to deal with a situation where you will never win.

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    And it will continue to go on if nothing is done. Make as much noise as you can and perhaps something will happen to stop these crooks. If you listen to those who tell you nothing can be done, nothing will be done and the thieves win. It will encourage more scams to be perpetuated.

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    Well if you keep posting in this forum it'll be all over Google.
    Google's very effective.

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    La Jolla SCAM --Blog.

    Thanks to forums like this one, and the stories of forum participants willing to share, I have learned a lot about timeshare scams.
    My experience with La Jolla, as for many of you, has been an ordeal. To share it in detail, without censured, post names, contracts, facts, and circulate it around, I created a blog.
    My goal, to hurt them where it counts and eventually close the down.
    Someone suggested I am naÔve and am trying to move a mountain thinking is a rock; I have no illusion this will be an easy task; however, I believe it is a consumerís right to know about shady business practices, and it is the responsibility of those who are aware of them, to report them and file complaints. In the absence of government intervention, where the Mexican authorities are apathetic to La Jolla's dealings, regardless of the many complaints they have, our only option is to damage their SCAM by exposing their reputation in as many places as we can.

    Please read the blog and pass it around.

    La Jolla Mazatlan Mexico SCAM

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    You do have a legal recourse; If you take action within time stipulated by law and in the proper way you can get positive results.

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    Wow. Real names. Real email address.

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    Dear TSV,

    I highly suggest you to contact the condusef, National Commission for the Protection of Users of Financial Services. You can call them at 01152 55 53 400 999 (from the states) or email them at they will help you out.

    Best regards,
    Ricardo Lasker.

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    Hi TSV

    I just read your experience at la Jolla and iím sorry about that, but itís good that youíre writing about it to beware other people to be scammed. What you shouldíve done is writing a cancellation letter to the company in a 5 days period since you signed up for the membership. If you didnít do that but still want to cancel your contract, thereís something you can do. You will not get a total refund, but you wonít have to pay any more money to the company. For any more questions please contact me for a free consultation, Iím always happy to help people in situations like yours.


    Barbara Fletcher
    Mexican Timeshare Solutions Associated

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    Beware of new posters promoting their services.

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    On this struggling economy, itís almost impossible to have a timeshare and to be up to date with the yearly payments. Before buying a timeshare, calculate the total purchase price, including the timeshare fees and the cost of travel. Then, compare these costs with other vacation packages to the same destination where your timeshare is. Keep in mind that if you try to resell your timeshare it is very unlike that you recover the amount of money that you paid for it.

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