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Thread: Whither the euro?

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    A particularly good analysis from the Asia Times:

    Asia Times Online :: Hope hangs on

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    Interesting article, thanks for posting it.

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    Essay by a former British Chancellor of the Exchequer:

    Surviving the euro | The Spectator

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    Well, it looks like Friday's conference may be the final straw, or they may patch enough together to muddle on a while longer.

    Some interesting developments:

    - AAA rated Austria has adopted legislation requiring a near balanced budget and requiring its existing debt be whittled down. Now if it only still had the schilling as its currency, it would be in great shape!

    - British Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened to veto any Lisbon Treaty changes if the UK's financial industry was impared by the changes

    - The second most important elected official in the UK, London Mayor Boris Johnson has called for a referendum on any EU treaty changes if they include a fiscal union for the Eurozone. The top cabinet official for Northern Ireland has also said that in the event of a fiscal union a referendum would be ''inevitable''

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    Would you purchase euros now for a trip to Italy for 2012 ?

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