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Thread: Rand falling - maybe good time to pay levies

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    Rand falling - maybe good time to pay levies

    The rand is now at 7.18 to the dollar, one of the best rates I have seen recently. It may fall more, but if you can pay your levies now, you should watch the exchange rate on the rand right now.

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    I also caught this, but a bit later at ~7.16 Aug. 25 or 26. It did make a difference so I bit the bullet.

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    In the last week or so, the rand has taken quite a nosedive. It is now down to 7.45 to the dollar. It is hard to say how much farther this will go, but those with SA levies to pay should keep an eye on it.

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    It keeps going, now at 7.54

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    Prepaid one of mine about a month ago. Have another one to prepay. Thanks for heads up.

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    Wow! This thing is moving fast. Now 7.71 to the dollar!

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    It just keeps sliding - now 8.01 to the dollar!

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    Now at 8.39 to the dollar.


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