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Thread: Independent Exchange Companies

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    Independent Exchange Companies

    RCI is only one option for exchanges. is having a 3 for 1 promotion for deposited weeks.
    Basically it is one exchange, plus 1 bonus exchange plus a third week that is specifically Mexico. SFX-resorts only takes resorts of a high quality and specializes in prime weeks.

    Mark@SFX answers questions and discusses his company and other exchange issues in the ASK SFX forum on this site. His website his under development and sometimes things are not as clear as they could be so he will answer questions in the ASK SFX forum.

    Link for their calendar/season grid:

    SFX is a nice option if you do not use your Grand Summit summer weeks. In the sfx calendar grid, summer weeks at Grand Summit are considered High Demand whereas in RCI they are considered LOW.

    As with all exchange companies, the earlier you deposit your week, the better.

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    GS owners are not limited to RCI.

    Info about SFX and why as a GS owner you can use them for exchanges. I have deposited a couple of summer Canyons weeks which on the SFX grid are high season.

    SFX History from Mark, rep on ts4MS------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The San Francisco Exchange Company (SFX) was founded in September, 1992 by current President & CEO Mel Grant. Mr. Grant has 25 years of industry experience.

    The company goal was to create a network of strategic alliances between Gold Crown and Five Star rated resorts in areas of National and International demand. Creating a network that would provide timeshare Owners of quality resorts an alternative system to the conventional, which in many cases would provide preferred access to resorts as a result of the special relationships created in the Alliance.

    For many years, timeshare owners were lead to believe they could only exchange their time with the affiliated exchange company to their resort. This is a misnomer, as individual's have the right to request the service of any exchange company that is willing to accept their week.

    Thus various Anti-trust laws created the shield that allowed SFX to grow and prosper.

    For many years, SFX has tried to stay under the radar-screen just simply working quietly behind the scenes providing enhanced services to developers, Owner Service Departments and of course Owners. There was no agenda within the business model to grow to the size of the large exchange companies. Simply to stay focused and targeted creating a system of "Quality" not "Quantity".

    As time went by, and the company experienced market driven expansion, brand name resorts recognized the added value component to our services, and have affiliated us.

    As much as we tried to stay as low-profile as possible, both consumer and industry driven demands have forced us to the level of dynamic growth and further expansion, to where we are not the behind the scenes service provider anymore. At this time, we are honored to have nearly 70,000 members. With constant invitations from developers around the world to affiliate their resorts, we now look forward to exponential growth and development.

    We design and develop our own exchange software, of which earlier versions are use by other exchange companies. This year alone, we have budgeted in excess of $100,000 in "cash" (SFX is debt free) for further technology development to constantly improve what we do for you, our valued Members. Of course for us too, it improves our efficiences and profitability and presents a finer product to the market-place.

    We realize continuous improvement is a never ending journey, and is one that allows us to be more creative, cost efficient and to provide a service that no other exchange company offers.... a network of the highest rated resorts in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Western Europe (soon to be... S. Africa, and the Far East).

    You do not have to be restricted to the resorts in one network. With SFX, subject to availability, you may access resorts in different networks without having to pay their membership fees, or have your resort affiliated with them.

    This is all about having more freedom of choice to do your vacation shopping, higher quality at a lower-cost. We thank all of our Members for their business, and of course for allowing us this platform to inform and help you ... The Timeshare Owner.
    Thank you,
    Mark @sfx
    Member Communications
    SFX Preferred Resorts

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    Another TS4MS member used his sfx account to transfer his bonus week to me for the brand new Grand Mayan (opening this summer) in San Jose del Cabo for an early December trip. Then used sfx-resorts to use one of the deposits in my own account for another week back to back in the same resort.

    My own deposits into sfx were July and August GS Canyons weeks which they consider prime. They only trade with prime and high season resorts. If you don't see what you want on their website, ask for where you want to go. They are in various and changing relationships with new resort developpers as well as established resorts.

    Sfx has a rep on this website in the Ask SFX forum, available for your questions.

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    Very high trade value for Manhattan Club

    Manhattan Club in NYC is considered a very difficult trade. So I asked Mark at sfx-resorts what it would take to trade into it with a GS week. Have since discovered that the MC does not have 2-bedroom units, so will lock off and give them a non-holiday 1 bedroom side or request Hilton Grand Vacation Club in NYC.

    clipped from

    Originally Posted by hudson
    Hi Mark -

    I am very flexible for staying a week in any season and any year at the Manhattan Club unless on another scheduled vacation.

    Which week(s) at the Grand Summit, Park City , have enough trading power to make this exchange? I can deposit either a 1 or 2 bedroom unit.

    Realizing there is a long wait list for the MC, what season/year would I be looking at at this point to possibly go to the MC?


    Hudson - Thank you for your post. If you can deposit any ski week between Jan through March 2008, based on your flexibility as above, we can "assure" you of a great week in New York. There are possibilites for 2007, and even more possibilities for 2008. We recommend anytime from April through October, as these are the best probable weather conditions during the year.

    Hope this helps...
    Thank you,
    Mark @SFX
    Member Communications

    SFX Preferred Resorts
    SFX Preferred Resorts the San Francisco exchange company

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    Procedure for depositing your GS week with sfx-resorts


    If you make your deposits of prime ( ski) weeks during their 3 for 1 bonus promotion, you get extra weeks in exchange.

    1/1 - 3/31 only (Prime Demand)

    6/15 - 9/7 only (High Demand)

    Obtain a reservation number from Owner Services for the week you want to deposit. Keep it it your own name.

    Deposit that week with sfx-resorts. On line is easiest or phone and ask for extension 112 for Carla ( Rocky Mountains Rep)

    Print out a copy of the Exchange Form issued by sfx which will be personalized with your reservation number and instructions for both you and Owner Services to sign. If you deposit your week on line you get this form on line. If you deposit your week by phoning the rep, you get the form faxed to you.

    Sign the form and fax a copy to Owner Services with instructions.They will be verifying that you are the owner and will need also need to sign and fax that form to sfx.

    Important: Follow up diligently with owner services especially, to be sure it is entered properly in their reservations computer. Verify again with owner services before your deposited week is scheduled to be used by the sfx guest. Currently, Marion in the owner services office is getting familiar with this process, but others may not be as familiar.

    In the past, I have not paid any cleaning fees, however that may have been an oversight as the sfx-guests are not asked to pay them.

    If you get any really good exchanges with sfx-resorts, let us know what kind of trades you got.

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    Charitable deductions and unused sfx bonus weeks

    Informative discussion at link below about how you can take a bonus sfx-resorts week you can't use and a) deposit it to the account of another sfx member, or b) request a gift certificate and donate it to a non-profit getting the charitable deduction.

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    Independent Exchange Company links

    Click on these hyperlinks for info. There are many discussions on other threads of this website about them.

    Owner services admits that owners are starting to complain more vigorously about owners needing to pay the cleaning fees for guests exchanging inbound. The more noise on this the better.

    Dial An Exchange Timeshare + Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service
    Trading Places International - Timeshare Rentals, Exchange, Resales, and Travel Services
    SFX Preferred Resorts the San Francisco exchange company
    Worldwide Timeshare Exchange - Welcome
    Interchange Timeshare

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    2008 - 3 for 1 exchanges with sfx-resorts

    3 Weeks For 1 Special Offer - 2008
    Here is a link to our latest 3 WEEKS FOR 1 Special Offer. Please note not all resorts qualify for this offer: 3 WEEKS FOR 1.
    Thank you,
    Mark @SFX
    Member Communications

    SFX Preferred Resorts
    SFX Preferred Resorts the San Francisco exchange company
    Thanks for posting Mark....


    Originally Posted by Glitter

    Mark, thanks for posting this. How can we tell which resorts qualify?

    Hi Glitter - Viewers can either post their resort asking if it will qualify, or they may private message me, or email at

    Hope this helps...
    Thank you,
    Mark @SFX
    Member Communications

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    Quesiton answered about usingSFX and DAE instead of RCI

    Interesting thread about using SFX or DAE instead of RCI. Both SFX and DAE have representatives on this site to answer our questions directly.

    In the Timeshare Exchange Companies section go to Ask Dial An Exchange and Ask SFX forums.

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    RCI expands rental program to the PUBLIC of your deposited weeks

    Yet another new reason for why we must work to dissassociate with RCI.

    Group RCI Introduces Endless Vacation Rentals(SM): Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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