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    Costa Rica

    I'm in Costa Rica visiting, if anyone has any questions I'll be happy to find answers for you!
    I have been in San Jose the last couple of days and tomorrow heading to Playas del Coco

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    Please check out the timeshares and report back! General impressions of Guanacaste area would be much appreciated! here are some resorts to check out:


    Melia Costa Rica

    The Sanctuary Resort and Spa

    La Catalina Suites - San Jose Herreda,

    Coco Sunset
    Playas del Coco, Guanacaste,

    Tia and have fun

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    Josh, how's the weather? My DD is thinking of visiting next year mid June for two weeks. She has been there at Christmas before.

    Any activities, areas not to miss. And of course as Glitter says....check out those TSs

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    The Melia in Guanacast,is a large nice resort,but there AI is the worst I have experience,Louise food,water down drinks,rooms are nicely done but there mandatory AI is the pits, we had to pay the AI then go out and buy food and drinks,as we could not eat what they served and not ruined our vacation,
    but accommodation was good,rooms large and clean, and well appointed

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    Thanks for the offer. I'm interested in Coco Sunset if you get a chance for a look-see.

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    I got to Playas del Coco, and it is awesome small quaint place the beach is really nice I went for a swim before the sunset the sand is black which is very different at least for me! weather in san Jose was just about perfect maybe 79 low80s during the day and 70 to 75 at night I did a tour (by my self) no tour guide of downtown San Jose, it is a nice city but a city after all city hall was nice and the square seems rich in history (Ill post pics later on)
    my stay in S Jose was suposed to be only for few hours but because there was a bridge down my friend decide to drive the next night cause of traffic in any instanse Im here and i will give a try to gather info for everyone Im staying at a friends condo not a ts but ill still try to find out, right now Im going for a beer in to the small strip they have here kinda like cabo was 15 20 yrs ago there are like 4 or 5 bars so Cheers!


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    Talking Back home!

    OK I hope this information is good for all of you,
    First i have to say that i fell in love with the people in Costa Rica! the "Ticos"have a very nice way to treat everyone included tourist my trip started in San Jose I did not plan to stay there even overnight, but as I explained a bridge on the transcontinental road was being fixed so we decided to stay and look around the city, my friend took me to very rytzi part of town where we had lunch an amazing seafood restaurant where you could pick your fish from tanks they had there (talk about fresh)!! we drove and walked around the city to be quite franc I felt as if I was down town Guadalajara my wife wasn't with me so I wasn't shopping! and the handcrafts seemed very similar to the ones I could get in Puerto vallarta... The weather was very good a bit chilly at night and just about perfect during the day.

    We got to Playas del Coco at around midnight so I didn't see much on the dirve the next morning we hit the beach which was amazing!! the sand is Black since it's volcanic, BTW there was an earthquake that morning, anyway the water is very clear but since the sand is black it creates a really cool efect, it wasn't very hot while I was there at all! we went spear fishing in a panga around the next little bay over which is bahia hermosa (beatifull bay) and it really was, the water was just about perfect very calm we snorkel down with a spear gun and one of my buddies got a nice sice pargo we went back to the beach club of coco sunset where we had the pargo for dinner!

    We then hit the town (all 5 blocks) had a few cerveza imperial!!

    the next day I decided to ask about the TS there and the closest one was Cocosunset Vac club and Miramar these are owned by the same developer and i don't know exactly what they sale but I made it to the show unit and it looks very nice a two level 2 bedroom (I think it's all they sale) the resort is not a high rise it's comprised by several small buildings in an area that seems to be only developed by this company the units are not on the beach but many of them have an ocean view... When I asked for the other timeshares they told me that they were a bit far and that they would not let me in unless invited to the sales pitch so I didn't go...

    The area of Guanacaste was celebrating their "incorporation" to Costa Rica it used to be Nicarguan territory so the president was there in Coco, to ignagurate the building of the Malecon (boardwalk) lot's of police all over and a lot of traficc that day but I really didn't care since we spend most of the day in the panga again this time trying to water ski (still sored) we had dinner that night at "la doce vita" yes Italian i had 4 cheese gnoki and beef carpaccio with arugula, with some focaccia brusqueta it was exelent! I noticed the prices are way higher than Mexico so dont spect a good deal!
    I took my golf shoes just in case but the crowd I was with are not golfers at all!! they told me the 4 seasons golf course was close and another one can't remmember the name but it was 75usd to play, I didn't....

    It was a long weekend in Costa Rica so it was a bit like "semana santa " in Mexico cars stereo blasting people walking and driving around, folks drinking outside.. so it was fun I hit the casino won a few buck on texas holdem table

    I also drove to "tamarindo" for the day is about 1 hour south and it is awesome!! is a nice surfing town we had lunch by the beach and did some shopping there! (souvenirs and trinkets) the beach is really great there are surf lesson shops all over town and big brand name hotels as well.

    As a summary...
    If you love nature, animals (saw monkeys on the road) beach, jungle, Costa Rica is for you! I really liked Playas del Coco you can pretty much walk all over the place or rent a golf cart the beach is quiet, and it is vey safe (there was a class of students from the US) people is fantastic and the scenery is very virgin.

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    Costa Rica is sometimes which referred to as the Switzerland located of Central America because of its comfortable lifestyle, peaceful democracy and overwhelming natural beauty.Costa Rica country’s Disney like cast of creatures – ranging from howler monkeys to toucans – are populous and relatively easy to spot.Costa Rica waves are prime, the beauty is staggering and the sluggish pace seductive system.


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