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Thread: What Day of the Week Should You Buy Timeshare?

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    What Day of the Week Should You Buy Timeshare?

    We recently ran across an interesting tidbit that claimed on certain days of the week vendors and retailers were more likely to discount specific items.

    Here’s what the study found:

    Mondays it is men’s and women’s dress pants and sunglasses.
    Tuesdays: Men’s apparel.
    Wednesdays: Shoes and kid’s clothing.
    Thursdays: Women’s handbags.
    Fridays: Accessories, such as jewelry, belts and scarves.
    Saturdays: Intimates, jackets and outerwear.
    Sundays: Swimsuits

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    I must have missed the timeshare buy day.
    Kay H

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    In another thread I pointed out that our Freebie posters (jayshaun and Suzie) had many posts but none of them are about timeshares.

    I guess this one is supposed to make him / her seem interested in timeshares?

    Hey, Jayshaun, what timeshare do you own? What week and what resort? How often do you go? I'm sure there is SOME reason you want to hang out on the Timeshare Forums. Lol.


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