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Thread: Phone call about RCI

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    Exclamation Phone call about RCI

    Received a phone call Thursday nite 5/5/11 asking us to come to a 30 minute presentation explaining how InnSeasons is switching from Interval International to RCI. The presentation was on Saturday, less than two days away and was about an hour's drive. When I told him we couldn't make it he said maybe they could call if they were in the area again. I was suspicious and emailed Pollard Brook. I got a call the next evening in response that verified they were doing this. I asked why we had not received anything in the mail or by email informing us of this. "Scott Roselund" said they had emailed something and they had put "a lot of money" into these meetings. He asked if we could go to another similarly distant location the following weekend then offered a free night at one of InnSeason's Cape Cod locations in order to attend a meeting. He chided me that we didn't have any "free time". He also claimed that we must have missed the phone call when they met closer to us.

    I was angry to get the phone call and more angry when I hung up from Scott. Spending "a lot of money" after giving us a special assessment? Not giving us any proper notification. There must be something in this for them to try to lure us to this meeting. It smells like the tactics used for timeshare sales that gives the industry such a bad reputation. Does anyone know more?

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    It is purely a pitch to get you into a points program. Any money spent should be on the sellers NOT the resort Association - you may want to make sure that is the case. As you feel they have no business spending any Association money to promote sales.

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    Looks like anyone can see and post in this forum now.

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    No big deal with this forum
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