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Thread: RCI Deposit

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    RCI Deposit

    Hi all,

    I need some help with understanding how to deposit my points with RCI. This year I can only roll over 20% of my points, so I have to deposit the rest with RCI (which admittedly I know nothing about). I called RHC and a rep tried to get me to book a week in Palm Spring before helping me deposit the rest with RCI. He was reluctant to deposit everything because he said I have too many points. He told me to sign up for an RCI account first. I searched the forum and found that there are two types of RCI account: weeks and points. So which one should I enroll in? Also, how much should I expect to pay for initiation fee? I found this site https://www.rci.com/RCI/RCIW/RCIW_in...entApplication from Google with limited time no initiation fee. Is this where I can sign up?


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    Could be wrong, but I believe RHC is RCI week.

    I am not quite sure what form you should use. Since you don't really have a home resort and thus really not picking any week to deposit. I will call RCI tell them you are an owner of RHC and see if they have special VC that can help you on it. I will try to call several people until I hear someone know what RHC is. Just make sure you told them you saw the form from internet with the special membership fee for 5 years.

    I believe HOC has deposited RHC to RCI, you maybe able to send him an eMail



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