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Thread: Interchange Vacation Club Special levy

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    Maybe all members should band toghether , and insure that at the next AGM we either impose change or make change within the board and all the wages / fee's they are being paid?


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    Hi Mark,
    I had been holiday and my PC is brocken down. I'm sorry to reply so late. I agree with you that the time share concept give me less value than before. I wish there are some other way to get better value in service from different exchange holliday. Some one told me they exchange their time share directly to time share owner that they safe more money excluding the club service charge. But it only works with the time share owner not with the point system time share.
    I wish there may be more better way o use our time share wisely in the future.

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    Hi all, is everyone else now been contacted by a rep from Classic holiday club saying that they have taken over the management of IVC and that they know IVC customers are not very happy so they are offering "some" IVC members an out? Originally i was offered a 20 year membership for $7,540, now a 15yr membership for $5,990.... when i called IVC to ask if they were IVC or classic and to make a few enquiries i was told that they have actually brought IVC.... then when the rep range me back, about 20 times now, i asked him again if they were just managing or have brought IVC and he assured me that they were only managing it and back peddled big time when i told him that i had made my own enquiries. I just want to know how to get out of it. I found a post on FIDO which is part of the Australian Investment and securities commission stating that anyone who purchased IVC membership between 1.12.2004-21.06.2005 was to be called and could possibly get out and get a refund so i went to log into my IVC account as i think this is around the time we joined and of course the website is not working again which happened 12 or so months ago....

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    Hi koppo
    I have also been contacted from Class Escape also not happy found out some things not aware of like we are locked into paying over $1000 ++ every year for 80 years and that we lose our user fees after 3 years accumlating-this was a surprise.
    these points were not discussed on the hard sell while we were on holidays
    Has anyone else had dealings with Classic Escape and how did you all go, the lady makes it sound all doom and gloom for the remaining members of IVC.
    Any advise

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    Hi we to have been contacted by classic re escape package ! I agree we paid good money to join interchange to secure holidays at todays prices , (and I agree that has not happened) surely there would be some kind of problem with false advertising as that is exactly what we were told at the time of purchasing and yes it was great value for a couple of years then wow did it go up , and what I would like to know also if IVC is now owned and managed by classic why we can't already access their low fees without the cost of transfering over , I think its an insult to ask us to pay more when we already paid significantly for our current memberships , e were offered 20yr for $7490 and maybe when lifetime membership becomes avail $9490 for that , on top of what we already paid and then still have to pay when we go away yes it might be cheaper at the moment but whats to stop them from going up in the same manner that IVC did , I to sent an email to the managers of IVC when the costs went up and they did come down for a few months then suprise they went up again after that , I want if thats the way classic want to go give is free membership as we have paid ou dues !!

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    hi, i havn't had the time to follow any of this up any further, has any one else spoken to or put in a complaint to consumer affairs or ACCC? it would be interesting to see what they think about it all!! if any one has it would be great to let us know how you went as may be we need to band together and do something about it. one to help ourselves and 2 to stop them from doing this to others in the future.

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    One of the IVC 6000

    Hi guys,

    I was contacted last night with the sales pitch...have sent each of you a message to discuss further by email or else just on here if you prefer. I just joined T.F. today after a Google search on IVC and this thread showed up. As I noticed one person here was contacted way back in early 2010 and I was just last night, they must be working their way through the 6,000 IVC members.

    Why are they looking for thousands more when they say they have taken IVC over, something smells a bit off with all this.


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    A bit of number crunching or 'the devil you know'!

    Just added up the numbers and I really can't justify changing over from IVC to Classic due to the numbers not adding up in our favour...

    Classic Charges and fees:

    1. Membership/maintenance $155 per year
    2. Week during school holidays @ 20,000 points x 2.85cents per point = $570
    3. $7,500 to change over (we lose our week and this amount after 20 years), equivalent to a loss of $380pa ($7,500 over 20 yrs) + 5% interest x $7,500 = $375. So this totals $755 pa

    All up this equates to: $155+$570+$755=$1480 and the first 2 figures will rise each year or two as will IVC's so that is not a valid argument to say IVC's fees will rise without saying Classic's will as well.

    I am paying $1065 at the moment for IVC and it would cost me $1480pa with I think it might be prudent to stay with them and I have another 71 years to go, not just 20 as I would with Classic.

    The figures above would be slightly different if you elected to go lifetime with Classic and the thought just came to me, could we sell this week any easier than we can with IVC...I somehow doubt it!



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    just found this forum. I just been offered similar deal have not known who to get help from. My offer ended last monday unless i paid a deposit, heavy tactic.Unhappy ivc member

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    I could not do any thing but pay the unaware bill. The ATO said could not help me. The Classic could not help me either.
    Very bad deal.

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