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Thread: Ongoing search with VRI?

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    I'm wondering how many have tried/had success with ongoing search in VRI. The system sounds simple, not much in terms of trading power issues - so I guess the question is more about how many members use the system as opposed to other alternatives...

    I sent an email to VRI customer service asking about odds of success for a few locations, but have gotten no response.

    I'd be interested in things like Newport in summer, maybe an October week at San Clemente Inn, or a ski week at Clocktower Whistler (though the unit size is a problem there - would they give me a one bedroom and a studio in exchange for a two bedroom like II?).

    I haven't followed the details of integration - or lack thereoff - of VI tinto VRI.

    That being said, it has been my impression that VI is mostly, if not entirely, separate from VRI*ety. I don't recall seeing any VRI inventory in my occasional searches in VRI*ety. I actually see much more VI inventory on line at DRI than I ever do at VRI.


    But they also get some other interesting pieces of inventory into the system. For example, I've deposited my Winners Circle in VRI*ety, split the deposit into a mid-week and weekend exchanges, and swapped the midweek for three nights in Fort Myers, where I had meetings, then was able to use the weekend piece for 4 weekend nights at a Whiski Jack in Whistler.

    I thought that was pretty interesting because there is no connection that I am aware between VRI and Whiski Jack/Raintree. Further Whiski Jack is entirely one week intervals, and the week I received was fixed week.

    How I was able to swap into a non-VRI resort and split a fixed week is beyond me - but I'm certainly not complaining!!!
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    I got cold feet with VRI, figuring that with RCI I will be able to get something I can use if not VRI. Next year maybe I will give VRI another try.

    Steve, your experience is interesting - and I did see the "split week" option noted on the VRI website but wasn't able to get details on how that would work. I think they could use some better educated phone reps.

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