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Thread: Unwanted timeshare booking - advice

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    Unwanted timeshare booking - advice

    I'm wondering if someone knows of a site where I can sell some timeshare accommodation I booked with APVC, but now cannot use.
    We have 2 X studio and 1X 1bedroom apartments at Pinnacle valley (Mount Buller Vic)for August 2 to August 9.
    We were going with the grandchildren and their parents, us 2 oldies to mind the kids while the parents did some skiing.
    They can't go now, so it's not much point us going either.
    Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome:

    I would try

    I don't know how popular Craigslist is in Australia, but it is a very effective rental/sales site in the US. Best of all, it's free.

    You can enter your advertisement for rent in this
    Australia > Melbourne > vacation rentals
    section here:

    melbourne vacation rentals classifieds - craigslist

    I would also post the same ad in the Sydney section, as more people might look there.

    Post a link to the resorts home page.
    Include several pictures.

    We have at least two people from Australia on the forum who own timeshares. I will ask them if they have some suggestions.

    WorldMark Owners :: Index

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    Have you tried Ebay & Trading Post?

    Perhaps also soem ski forums, if you know which ones are good?


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    Looking at the Accor terms , you'll loose half the points, plus it looks like $50 per booking they've cancelled (depending on if the rules say the 3 units are 3 bookings, or one if done at the same time) It doesn't make any difference if you cancel now or on 30July, so you could advertise and cancel later on if you can't rent it, UNLESS Accor can do an audit that the accommodation was used by someone else. If that can happen, you should just cancel now and get the audit done - it's ski season, someone will want it, maybe Timeshare rentals aren't common in Australia, I've got no idea where to try to get rid of it.

    There might also be an Accor owner message board you could ask on, not sure if there is one or if rental talk is allowed, but Aust owners are more likely to know what to do with it, or possibly offer to rent it.

    Another option MIGHT be deposit it with II if that can be done quickly, you will only get enough for last minute booking on II (within the 59day window) but it might be better than nothing, though you'd have to pay the exchange fee when you went to use it.

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    The good news is that you have booked a peak season week, it is not school holidays but your studios and 1br will be appealing to snowbirds who don't want the school holiday crowds. The week-end (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is popular and you could secure a good price for the week-end alone.

    I suggest listing it on eBay Australia, listing the studios together and the 1br separately. Aim to cover your maintenance fees, that should be easy. The people who are in the know can be found here:
    Mt Buller - I would ask them for an opinion on an advertising strategy.

    Also ask your children if they have friends/associates who would be interested in the accommodation. Google the Accor Hotel website and you will see how much your accommodation is selling for per night.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions!!


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