Probate is an issue that unfortunately faces a number of timeshare owners when they try to transfer ownership of their timeshare week. Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person. A probate proceeding resolves all claims and distributes the deceased's property. Upon death, a probate proceeding is often required in each state where deeded property is owned. Out of state timeshare interests are often overlooked.

If you have dealt with a probate issue and would like to recommend an attorney or firm to others, please do so in this thread.

The following firms have been recommended to me by clients in the past, who needed assistance with probate proceedings for their Florida timeshare property.

Probate costs can be quite expensive, so as always- be sure to check with your own legal counsel as well as your resort HOA or management company for additional recommendations.


Probate attorneys familiar with timeshare properties:

Joseph E. Seagle, P.A.
924 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Telephone (407) 770-0100

Wade F. Johnson, Jr., P.A.
2901 Curry Ford Rd.
Suite 212
Orlando, FL 32806
Telephone (407) 895-9288
Florida Timeshare Probate

Andrew L. Barauskas
Attorney at Law
5462 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33707
(727) 323-7717
Andrew L. Barauskas

Long H. Duong, P.A. (last name is pronounced Young)
11 NW 33rd Court
Gainesville, Florida 32607
(352) 371-2670

This attorney offers a free ebook download titled "Understanding the Florida probate Process" at

Bruce McDonald
Firm of McDonald, Fleming, and Moorhead
25 West Government Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
(850) 477-0660
Florida Probate and Estate Attorney ? Pensacola, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers