• Atlantic City Guide Not Just for Gambling

    If you are Atlantic City NJ for a week I can tell you places to go to.

    First thing in the morning go into Brigantine TO http://aversasbakery.com/ You will not know what to buy first! BTW if by rare chance they have the fried Pepper with the Cheese on top go for it no more than 1 each. They are great but HOT!

    Beach wise I prefer Brigantine Beach since there is a lot of room so you can be spread out

    Ocean City NJ or Willdwood. I do recommend going to http://wildwoodsnj.com/ because of there huge Broardwalk

    A town about 20 minutes from there called http://www.smithvillenj.com/ you can spend the full day into dinner here. LOTS AND Lots of small shops.

    Next of coarse is http://www.capemay.com/ Leave early going there! Traffic in the summer can take a 40 minuite ride into an hour and a half.

    Save your gambling for the last day so you know you will have money to do every thing else but I would try to get tickets to shows ASAP if not before you get to AC http://www.atlanticcitynj.com/
    There is also a zoo near by but I have not been there. I do like to go to the Aquarium area nice tiny shops and cheap lunches by the water where the boats dock http://www.atlanticcitynj.com/explor...ls.aspx?id=205
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