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08-08-2005, 10:28 PM
The 2006 maintenance fee statements have arrived, with an overall 16% fee increase versus 2005. Included with the fee statement is a detailed budget variance report, a capital reserve projection for the next 5 years, a history of maintenance fees for the past 11 years, and a detailed breakdown of the fees.

Holding fees too low for too long is bound to catch-up to you unless you're intending to let the resort fall into disrepair.

Although a big jump versus last year, the maintenance fees are not out of line for Hawaii. 1BR units run ~$630 and 2BR units ~$750 (fees are noted as approximate since there are 4 different buildings at the LBR, each with a slightly different fee schedule).

It's money well-spent as far as I'm concerned (assuming they're not going to spend it on something as frivolous as air-conditioning). We're very happy owners, and are currently closing on our third week at the LBR.

08-09-2005, 10:44 AM
the fees in 2004 were $482 and 2005 $528 and 2006 $630.

These weren't small increases..

I know things have gone up in cost , labor, insurance, fuel, electricity, etc.

BUT , during this same period, our other resort on Kauai ( Pono Kai) fees have actually gone down.

In 2004 they were $630 in 2005 they were $598, and from what I have heard they expect 2006 to remain the same.

During this 3 years the PK has spent over $1 Million in refurbishment of about 30% of our units, plus upgrading all the common areas.

Each unit at the Pono Kai has at least partial A/C, with the 2 bedroom units also having it in the Master Bedroom.

So where has the money gone at Lawai?

I know we have a ton of folks in the management areas like reservations (4) , ownership services (3), resort management (4)

There was a mention of looking at alternate management companies to serve these functions, but I think Ohana Management is so firmly entrenched that it will be tough to change. :soapbox:

We enjoy Lawai and our Alii suites very much, and when we were there this last February they seemed to be very well maintained, as did the entire resort.

I think this fee increase is part of that " Knee Jerk" reaction to losing the holy grail, the " Gold Crown" from RCI, and management is determined to do what ever it takes to regain this worthless award.

jmho, :banghead: Greg

08-09-2005, 09:44 PM
I whole-heartedly concur about the value of "Gold Crown" status at the LBR. As long as its maintained at the current level, a third party can call it whatever they like. I'm happy to keep coming back and happy to grab another interval when the price is right.

Would I prefer that the fees were lower? Sure. I'd prefer that everything I purchase is lower priced. But I do believe that they have provided a detailed accounting of expenses and of the upcoming capital projects, and the numbers don't look out of line.

There are lots of choices out there, and we can vote with our feet at any time. We just returned from the HHV on Oahu followed by the Sea Village on the Kona Coast then the LBR on Kauai. The teens (16-19) asked that we not "waste Hawaii time off of Kauai" again. We're delighted owners.

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