View Full Version : Huge Wine Tasting/Expo NYC this weekend 2/27-3/1

Glitter Brunello
02-26-2009, 09:40 AM
Wine-Expos (http://www.wine-expos.com/Wine/NY/tasting-wine/?SHID=88715304.98056974)

Pricey ($85 per day), but some good seminars about interesting regions like Spain and Portugal, in addition to hundreds of wines... use promo code NYT20 to get $20 off

The page also has links to a similar wine expo in Boston, and a Food and Wine event coming up in Washington, DC...

02-26-2009, 10:06 AM
If I had time i would have gone, BTW speaking of wine tastings. I have the tickets for this years church wine event Our Lady of Hope. Tickets are $20 each $25 at the door date is May 9 at 7 pm.

02-26-2009, 10:56 AM
The Minneapolis version of this, the 'Food and Wine Experience' is held Feb 28-29. It used to be a Fri-Sun event, but Friday evening has been dropped. Lots of food samples from some of the good restaurants, wine from just about every winery or distributer, kitchen goodies, wine accessories, etc. There are seminars, they are extra cost, $25 if I remember correctly. Often at the seminars, the winemakers come in to talk about their wines. There was a Pinot Noir tasting with 4-5 winemakers up front talking about their wines as we tasted. I went to another seminar couple years back that was very good and helpful. It was on wine blending, and how the wineries do it.

New this year is a reserve tasting. You pay the $65 for general admission, then another $20 for the reserve tasting. You get some higher end wines for that $20. That tasting has limited hours within the general tasting.

After having been to about 10 years of this wine event (or more, can’t remember how long it has been going) I have now missing the second year. The cost keeps going up, and with the dropping of the Friday tasting, they are trying to squeeze more into the Sat-Sunday events, and it gets too crowded.

For a new wine drinker, this is a great opportunity to try some wines to find out what you like or what to say away from. It is pretty much a move in, taste, move on type of tasting. For me, I prefer less crowd, more time to taste and talk to the vendors. That is why I am staying home.

Website for the Food and Wine Experience:

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