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02-23-2008, 09:26 PM
We just returned a few days ago from the WorldMark Mission Valley in San Diego. They have an internet system here that they have at most of the WorldMark resorts called WorldMark ResortNet, enabled by Telkonet. It is high-speed internet access in your room. You get a Telkonet ibridge box from the front desk, connect it to any electrical outlet in your room and then plug the ethernet cable into the box and your computer. There is a charge of $4.95 for 24 hours or $15.95 for the entire stay(up to 10 days). I have been hooked up to this connection for four days now, without any problems.

Maybe now that WorldMark by Wyndham and our Wyndham (Fairfield) are under the same company, we can get something like this in our resorts. Anybody heard anything along these lines? I don't think we should have to put up with having to go sit in the lobby for Wi-Fi or heaven help us, dial-up.

I know that the new Wyndham reservation website is more along the lines of the one that WorldMark has had for some time. It looks like they used the WorldMark reservation website as the model for the new one. So who knows, if we ask for it what might happen, in a few years! I know when I fill out surveys and go to owner updates, it is one of the things I bring up. The other thing was the reservation website and that has improved immensely.

Telkonet iWire System (http://www.telkonet.com/PDFCollateral/Telkonet_iWire_System_Data_Sheet.pdf)

The Telkonet iWire System uses proven, patented powerline communications (PLC) technology to transform a building’s internal electrical wiring into an intelligent broadband networking platform. The system converts every power outlet in every room to a highspeed data network connection. The Telkonet iWire System is quick to install and cost-effective, as buildings do not need to be rewired. Most importantly, data and high-speed Internet access is reliable and secure. The Telkonet iWire system works with any broadband signal, including DSL, T1, E1, cable and satellite.

02-23-2008, 10:01 PM
The Telkonet system is great IF you want to be tied to a wire in your unit. Plus it requires the hardware to be signed out (some resorts run out).

Most Wyndham Resorts (and others like Monarch Grand Vacations) are installing ResortWiFi. We have used it at Wyndham Grand Desert (going back 3 years +) and at other Wyndhams. About the same price (although at GD it was $29/week) and you are not required to use a wire.

WiFi is the way things are headed. It may get stronger or evolve to WiMax but wired is nearly at the end of the line. Investing in a wired system now for a resort/system seems to be a big step backwards.

02-23-2008, 11:22 PM
I've used Telkonet. It works really well. Wired is far more reliable than wireless. Wireless Access points go down. The signal degrades. And, it can have problems connecting and authenticating.

Besides, I have a Cisco router than can turn wireline into wireless. Wireless into wireline or wireless into a wireless lan. Fantastic router.

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