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07-28-2007, 04:00 AM
OK, here's the deal. We think we're going to leave on T-Day to HNL. Then go to KOA on the following Saturday. We have reservations...well, a timeshare owned by our friends from I think 24 November till December 1st. Question is: How to see Pearl Harbor while staying on the Big Island...or flying into HNL and staying for a couple of days...and then of course...where to stay?


07-28-2007, 08:03 AM
Al you can take a tour but we got up early and drove it.

07-28-2007, 10:16 AM
IF you haven't made your air reservations, you could fly into HNL to see Pearl Harbor, stay one night for the Memorial and then fly to Kona later that day. You can take an organized tour but make sure it is the one that goes to the Memorial, not just around the Harbor. We've always driven there by ourselves--early morning is the best time to go as there are less crowds thus shorter wait. Try to get there at least 40 minutes or more before it opens--the huge tour buses arrive early and you want to be in line before them. If you do stay the night, leave your luggage in the hotel room and pick it up before you go to the airport. Car theft is a problem around the Memorial parking lots so you don't want to leave anything in your car even in the trunk. Also, be aware, that after September 11th, backpacks, purses, sacks, etc are not allowed (unless they've changed that lately). Cameras are allowed but no camera bags. If you have already made your flight arrangements, check out Roberts or Polynesian Tours. They may offer a package tour from the Big Island for a day on Oahu which includes Pearl Harbor. When you arrive on the Big Island luggage claim area, look for the kiosks that have publications such as Big Isand This Week, Big Island Gold, etc. You may find information (and even coupons) for such day trips in those plus other information on tours, maps, restaurants, luaus, etc. Have fun!

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