View Full Version : Anyone know where free WiFi is in these Hawaii locations?

03-14-2007, 07:33 PM
Due to some unforeseen circumstances it will be necessary to take our laptop with us on vacation in a few weeks. I know around here you can go to Krystal with your lap tap and access free WiFi. Can anyone tell me where I can connect in the following areas.

Honolulu-staying at Waikiki Prince. May have it there haven't checked yet. But, if not, do you think Ala Moana might?

Hana-someone told me they have seen people using their laptops outside the bar area of The Hotel. Anyone know for sure?

Kapaa area-I think I am ok here. But, just in case anyone know?

Mahalo one and all...........And, I am so ready and in need of a mega dose of Aloha.:allright:

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