View Full Version : Interisland flight from Kona, Hi to Hololulu

09-10-2006, 10:25 AM
I am flying July of 2007. I found Aloha airlines at $46.00. Go airlines at $39.00. Both have the same baggage restrictions. Except for price, would anyone choose one over the other? Both allow 2 checked pieces of luggage, max. 50 pounds each. So, there is no difference in luggage restrictions.

Also, is it possible that I would find a cheaper fare if I waited? These seem pretty cheap to me.

09-11-2006, 10:48 AM
We haven't flown on Go yet, but it appears that they fly a much smaller plane (50 seats) vs. the larger 737 that Aloha uses. We have flown on Aloha and there were no problems, but because it is open seating, it may be less hassle to fly on the smaller plane that Go uses (less people milling about wating to board).

09-11-2006, 11:24 AM
Are you sure you are reading those luggage limits correctly? I found most of their policies poorly written and vague.

It seems to me that their policy is the same as Island Air, 50 pounds total, two checked items. Their planes are the same size, I doubt they will allow more luggage. We flew Go and they lost our luggage for 36 hours. Very upsetting, especially when they confirmed at HNL that our luggage was there, ready to load.

09-11-2006, 09:02 PM
From The Go Airlines website:

How many bags am I allowed to check?
Each ticketed customer is allowed to check two (2) pieces of luggage. Checking additional, oversized, or overweight luggage will require additional fees.

How many bags am I allowed to carry-on?
Each ticketed customer is allowed (1) carry-on (no larger than 19" x 15" x 11") at no charge. In addition to carry-on luggage, a customer may carry a handbag, pocketbook, overcoat, wrap, umbrella, walking stick, camera, binoculars, reading material for the flight, or food for consumption. Items must be able to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin go! requires that name identification be on the outside of any bags or luggage. We recommend placing identification on the inside of your luggage as well. Name labels are available at any go! ticket counter.

Please keep valuables, computers, medications, house keys, car keys and important papers in a carry-on on your person. For each ticketed passenger, go! will transport, as checked baggage free of charge, two (2) bags. Maximum weight, without charge, for each piece of checked baggage is 50 pounds per bag. Maximum size, without charge, for each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 62" in overall dimensions (L+W+H). An extra charge applies for additional, overweight and/or oversized pieces. In no event will go! accept baggage that weighs more than 99 pounds and/or baggage that measure in single dimension more than 80" or combined dimension exceeding 160".

In some instances, arrangements may be made to ship such articles as cargo. Please inquire as additional charges may apply. Special items such as pets, bicycles and other sporting equipment are not included in the passenger's free baggage allowance and are subject to an extra charge.

What are your fees for excess, oversized, and/or overweight luggage?
Excess/oversized/overweight luggage may be accommodated subject to space at the following charges per item:

Excess Weight Fees:

Up to 50 lbs. No Charge
51 to 70 lbs. $25
71 to 99 lbs. $50
Excess Bag $25

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