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KBF Mgr.
08-05-2006, 03:14 PM
Kona Billfisher
Owner Forum Notes
June 1, 2006
Attending were Community Association Manager Paul Carr representing Certified Management and Resident Manager James Bragalone.
There were 15 owners recorded as being on site and 6 of these owners were noted as being in attendance of the forum.
AE Carr introduced himself and RM Bragalone, and opened the forum up for owner’s questions.
Questions and concerns were raised about the following issues:
1. Owners raised many complaints about the maintenance shed.
2. Owners said that they thought the annual meeting minutes should be mailed out to owners after the meetings
3. Mail – Owners express a desire to have a better mail system at the Billfisher
4. One owner suggested having more than 6 place settings of dishes in the apartments.
5. Towel Changes- Owners wanted to know the reasons for the change in towel changes, AE Carr explained that is was to save money in labor costs.
6. An owner asked why the Billfisher was using RCI. AE Carr and RM Bragalone explained the relationship between RCI and the Billfisher.
7. Screen doors, Owner suggested putting rubber stoppers on them to keep them from banging when the are closed.
8. Owners said that he thought the lighting was too dim. Southern units need lights on the parking lot side.
9. A question was asked on what items were allowable to be left in the units. RM Bragalone explained that beach chairs, and portable ice chests etc were the common items left for use by the following guests.

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