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07-13-2006, 12:39 PM
I was very close to buying a Pahio at Bali Hai Villas resale timeshare...but did not pull the trigger for the second time.......I did not get my price for one...and I am always leary of the Hawaiian timeshare maintenance fees, increases, and taxes.....but I also heard a few other issues which have me concerned.

Is it true Pahio has a 1-4 RCI rule? And does it also apply to owners internal trading to their other resorts? For example if I owned at BHV but wanted to got the Sheerwater I would have to wait another 4 years to do it again?

Is there a trading priority for internal Pahio trades?

What are the trends on the maintenance fees?

How does Pahio treat their owners?....do they still control all the HOA's?

And I heard that Pahio is now envoking their ROFR so perhaps my deal would not have gone through anyway.......what is up with the ROFR...is it new?

Thanks for any and all input.

07-13-2006, 02:45 PM
Hi there! I bought into Bali Hai full price year before last. I like this resort, but I have a bit of an issue with them and trading within the Pahio group. They say for me to use Shearwater, or any of the other Pahio places other than Bali Hai, I must deposit my Bali Hai into RCI first. It kind of makes sense and kinda makes me wonder if that is how one trades within such a group as Pahio resorts. We have a one b/r & 1.5 bathroom and really like it. Make a point of asking if the unit is deeded upstairs or not. The sliver of an ocean view is gone from ours now with recent construction. New units are mostly 2 b/r and 3 b/r. One comment was the observation of the bathroom construction that pondered me....the cultured marble counter for the sink extends over the toilet. One can not lift the tank lid off if the toilet runs. Our water ran, but no noise. I let it go. Wish I knew of resales, but I definitely learned my lesson. Gary:grin:

07-21-2006, 01:23 AM
Okay, first I will address MF's. Yes, they go up and up and up. We bought two years ago and fees were $674 for a two bedroom. This year: $822. :surprised

Second, ROFR was added to their sales contracts in July of 2005, so they mostly do not stop resales by owners who purchased before this time. With a lot of polite conversation and spirit of aloha, you can get a week for a great price. The current owner just needs to write a letter stating that they want to sell to you and why. It works like a charm. Really, PAHIO doesn't probably have much choice until their July of 2005 owners start to resell. I thought their process was easy to work with.

Third, PAHIO has no internal trading system. You must go with RCI for trading purposes. We were told that as long as you own any PAHIO resort, you can exchange as often as you want. I am wondering if that is true now because of what Gary wrote. I asked the RCI rep at PAHIO and she said that 1 in four is not applicable to PAHIO owners within our own group. I should call her and clarify that fact.

Fourth-Treatment of resale owners is okay. All of my questions are answered over the phone without any problem at all. All phone conversations are cheerful and end with a nice "aloha." I did meet a woman at PAHIO @ Bali Hai last week that was upset because she requested a particular unit as an owner and was bumped to building 2, the noisiest building in the complex, with the maintenance people always in and out of the building behind that one. She was not happy and had a confirmed unit number (she bought from the developer two years ago). I am outraged that they would treat an owner that way, as an owner myself, because I want to know that my requests are taken into consideration. An exchanger probably got her unit, which is not right at all, but anything for a sale. If they are going to bump an owner, they should bump up and not down.

If you need to know anything else, just ask me. I am the expert on resales at PAHIO, having battled for my last two weeks. The first one was no problem, but that was two years ago and a lot has changed.

Another thing I would like to add: We sat through the dreaded owners' update meeting, which was a timeshare presentation of course. The salesman told us that we could not ever, ever convert our weeks to points, even at the $4,995 price that current weeks owners have to pay, simply because we are resale buyers. I wouldn't have paid the money anyway, but just the way they said it..............Well, you know. :cry:

The treatment of resale buyers by PAHIO salesmen is completely different from the rest of the staff. We don't have to wear a scarlet letter "R" on our shirts, so we don't seem to be differentiated as resale buyers in any way by the hospitality people. I hope this poor treatment does not eventually extend to the rest of the staff because it would completely ruin our enjoyment at PAHIO resorts. I can avoid the sales staff next trip, and definitely will, but I will not tolerate lesser weeks because we bought resale. It is something to think about before purchasing. They could tag your account in the computer as a resale and give you the worst units and weeks. :rolleyes:

Another thing I should add. If you buy from the developer and get points, your heirs have to pay $2,495 to transfer the points when you die. In other words, heirs are not treated all that well either. I hope they sell all those weeks soon and move their salespeople off of that island. By looking at how close the buildings are at Bali Hai and how many are on the map to build, they will likely be there for another ten years. :pound:

07-21-2006, 01:39 AM
Wow thanks for all of the information.....I love their properties. The 1 in 4 restriction for owners between the Pahio resorts does not make any sense and would be a deal killer for me. I would like to go to all of the Pahio resorts and have priority to trade into the better weeks and units vs the regular exchangers.....that would be the key for me to own a 'resale' there...but if they don't treat their owners (resale too) like gold then that worries me as well....

I have come close twice to buying....still going to wait....now I heard they may get bought out?????

07-21-2006, 09:52 AM
Just as a FYI Cendent just purchased Pahio Resorts. Reading their press release it seems likley that they will incorporate it into either Fairfield or Worldmark maybee both. It may be a good thing as Fairfield does allow internal trades with no additional fees. However if they do I would think that they would want to convert over to their point systems. Of course with a fee associated to the Pahio owners with this conversion.

07-21-2006, 12:33 PM
I have no idea what we would do if we had the option of converting to FF points at an attractive price. For now, we rent our weeks out and the profit pays the MF's for all 11 1/2 of our weeks. We will see how this new information plays out.

Maybe we can convert to RCI points for a better price through Wyndham? I have no idea what this will mean to us as current owners, but it can't be all bad, since PAHIO will not let us convert to points at all.

01-07-2011, 12:13 AM
If you decide you still want to pursue the resale option I have a week I will let go for a song. 2 Bd Pahio ka eo ki we have owned for 14 years. Never had trouble trading and I can tell you they do not treat you any different, other than the sales staff that is!

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