View Full Version : Another good <$!0 spanish red from WTSO

T. R. Oglodyte
03-17-2012, 08:44 PM
Marco Real Crianza 2006.

This has shown up several times at WTSO - last offering was $8.99/bottle. This is from Navarra and is 60% tempranillo and 40% cab sauv.

With the cab suav, this is more intense and darker flavored than the Taurus tempranillo.

Though I found this to be more open immediately after opening than the Taurus, as with the Taurus a bit time to aerate helps greatly. I thought it was much better on the second day than the first - I just let it sit in the opened bottle at room temperature.

Another great dry Spanish red for under $10.

This one is going to be on my rebuy list if I see it again.

T. R. Oglodyte
03-19-2012, 12:01 AM
Opened another bottle tonight.

This stuff is at least as good as the Taurus. At $9/bottle at WTSO don't hesitate if it comes back. Definitely more international style than the Taurus, so some of you who might be uncertain about giving a wine several hours to open up will probably enjoy this more - it's definitely much more approachable right out of the bottle.

But if you do have time let it breathe, it definitely opens up. If you want to speed things up I suggest transferring it to a decanter through a Vinturi and giving it about a half hour to settle down before enjoying.

T. R. Oglodyte
08-26-2012, 12:50 AM
Being offered again at WTSO right now for $8.99/bottle with free shipping on four or more. I ordered nine, to be shipped in October (to avoid summer heat in transit from NJ to Washington).

I cannot stress enough - if you get this give it at least a couple of hours breathing time before drinking. The diffrence is amazing. I usually transfer to a decanter using a Vinturi, and then give it at least half an hour to settle down.

You should also not worry about keeping this for a couple of days. Like most solid Spanish reds, it holds well - and often actually improves - for several days after opening. I have a decanter with a glass stopper just for wines like this. Pour it in, close it with the stopper, and keep it on the table for several days as a red table wine. Bellisimo!

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