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  1. Bluegreen Vacation Club Forum
  2. Some Benefits of the Bluegreen Vacation Club
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  4. Bluegreen Point Charts
  5. Premier Owner Benefits
  6. Bluegreen Resort Information, Ratings and Reviews
  7. Points, Fixed weeks, Floating weeks: Pros and Cons
  8. Christmas Mountain Village and Shenandoah Crossing UDIs
  9. What are your favorite Bluegreen Resorts?
  10. What is your least favorite Bluegreen Resort?
  11. FoxRun Townhouses can be reserved with BVC Points
  12. Just bought a Pono Kai week. Know what?
  13. Bonus Time Interface
  14. How to Upgrade at Bluegreen
  15. Bluegreen Customer Service
  16. Direct Exchange opportunities for Bluegreen Resorts
  17. Bluegreen preference in RCI trading?
  18. Converting CMV UDI to points
  19. Bluegreen eBay auctions: apples to apples comparison
  20. BlueGreen Addition currently FF centric ?
  21. Best weeks to rent?
  22. Bluegreen as Universal Trader
  23. UDI for sale on eBay
  24. When do you call and have you been able to get what you want?
  25. Catch and Release: Friends helping friends
  26. Shenandoah-H2TellAUDI
  27. Value of a blended CMV UDI
  28. Orlando Sunshine Resort II
  29. Fixed/floating week reservation rules at various resorts
  30. Any Pono Kai owners with a week available this summer?
  31. Shenandoah Crossing UDI on eBay now
  32. Hairbrained scheme?
  33. Bluegreen building at Treasure Island in Wisc.
  34. Misleading BG Points entry package on eBay
  35. Theory vs. Practice in Bluegreen Operations
  36. New Bonus Time policy
  37. Excellent Bluegreen Starter Package on eBay now
  38. Pono Kai-PSE (Preferred Status Exchange)
  39. Lodge Alley Inn Availability is plentiful
  40. Owners update at Solara Surfside
  41. Another Shenandoah Crossing on EBay
  42. Best Anniversary Date?
  43. Bluegreen Travelers Plus - Do you have it and like it?
  44. Tax benefits of paying MF with Points
  45. Landmark Holiday Beach Resort
  46. Other than RCI & II...
  47. SeaGlass Tower, Myrtle Beach
  48. New BG website
  49. Releasing Lodge Alley Inn, 2br, July 22-29
  50. Where do you look for cheap BG "Points" for sale?
  51. Heading to Lodge Alley Inn tomorrow....
  52. Grande Villas at World Golf Village
  53. Bluegreen Resorts Accepted by SFX
  54. Bluegreen expands to Las Vegas
  55. Pictures from Grande Villas at World Golf Village
  56. Pictures from Lodge Alley Inn
  57. Pictures from Myrtle Beach
  58. Has anyone traded into DVC using Bluegreen---and what resort did you use?
  59. Bluegreen Getaway Stations
  60. Curious about BlueGreen
  61. Bluegreen Resorts with Best Trading Power?
  62. Anyone have unit/building numbers for Bluegreen Resorts
  63. Anyone interested in an II trade test with Bluegreen resorts?
  64. Cheap STD unit at Mountain Loft starting tomorrow
  65. SC Vacation Challenge?
  66. Bluegreen Announces Plans for New Resort Property in Williamsburg
  67. Another Bonus Time factoid.
  68. Another Shenandoah Crossing UDI on eBay
  69. Hello from Noelle
  70. Westward Ho - A cross country travel log
  71. I conferred with Bruce, I believe we missed the CMV UDI on eBay
  72. Pictures from Laurel Crest, Pigeon Forge, TN
  73. Pictures from Mountainloft, Gatlinburg, TN
  74. Another CMV UDI up on ebay
  75. Brand New to BG VAcation Club
  76. Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar... Simply the BEST
  77. Renting your bluegreen units
  78. Pictures of Big Cedar Lodge
  79. Pictures of Bluegreen Big Cedar 3 Bedroom Cabin
  80. Pictures of Bluegreen Wilderness Club
  81. BG Rental...What Would You Do?
  82. Deeded Week ques
  83. Best resort in BG to trade?
  84. A couple of BG questions...
  85. deed date questions
  86. Bonus Time Question
  87. Buying points through BG versus resale
  88. Hey Bruce!!!
  89. Would like to buy points
  90. Westgate's ''Mr. Seagull'' to take over Bluegreen? (Nope. Siegel loses court battle)
  91. Resort Ownership Guide
  92. Fact or Fiction
  93. Adding Points - Questions from a new forum member, please help.
  94. Probably Releasing a Daytona Seabreeze Race Week Today
  95. Thanks everyone
  96. Points and organzing them
  97. Thinking of buying
  98. What is a fair asking price for renting out a Shorecrest week
  99. Resale
  100. Daytona Beach area resorts
  101. Carolina Grande.
  102. Availability weekends versus weeknights?
  103. Anyone looking for a good Bluegreen starter package?
  104. Plenty of availabilty at Big Cedar Cabins for Summer 2007
  105. Just bought in
  106. Heard any more re Westgate's takeover?
  107. Considering an owner upgrade?
  108. Just released a 2 br Race Week unit at Casa Del Mar
  109. Big Cedar Ownership
  110. When transferring an account via resale.....
  111. Big Cedar Resort
  112. Warranty Deeds Associated with BVC
  113. Branson?
  114. Just Theoretically of course .....
  115. Advise & Oppinions about Hershey Bluegreen Auction
  116. Reservations desk hours changing
  117. Shenandoah Crossing UDI up on Ebay...
  118. Los Cabos for Hershey Suites June 2007 ??
  119. Getting very upset...
  120. What is your next Bluegreen Vacation?
  121. Gifting Points??
  122. New Bluegreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells
  123. renting points - selling points
  124. Is this an UDI
  125. BlueGreen?
  126. Found a GREAT Deal for Owner Upgrade
  127. Brand New
  128. Closing this week.
  129. Look like Westgate's take over stopped
  130. Bluegreen Promotional Offers
  131. Pono Kai Resale Purchase
  132. cancelled bluegreen developer buy!
  133. Owners Update Meeting
  134. Past & Recent BG Experiences
  135. Found another great upgrade Opportunity.
  136. Bluegreen CEO George F. Donovan to Retire
  137. Off-Site Hotel Accommodations
  138. Mountain Loft Resort II - #8883
  139. Big Cedar Restaurants
  140. Branson in March
  141. VVTrader. Have a Shenandoah Crossing UDI Q for you.
  142. How to Sell Membership
  143. Big Cedar Lodge 1 Bedrooms
  144. Cancel, Rent or Deposit?
  145. New Bonus Time rates in effect now.
  146. Found a great way to lower your MF for cheap
  147. Travelers Plus has Thanksgiving week at Shorecrest I
  148. Points Chart/Calendar Gripe!
  149. Shorecrest dilemna?
  150. More CMV UDI's ownerships
  151. Pono Kai Bonus Time
  152. Daytona Beach
  153. Waitlist Reservation Changes for Preferred Members
  154. Advice on exchanging BG for RCI Weeks
  155. Ebay Pono Kai, Kauai...20 mins....$1225.00
  156. Just purchased BG membership and looking for feedback...
  157. Suites at Hershey - Need Rental
  158. New Online features for managing points
  159. What's Up???
  160. Shenandoah Crossing Resort UDI
  161. How to Sell BG Timeshare
  162. Enjoyed first use of BG Points. Was I bamboozled at the 'owner's update'??
  163. News: VIP Bonus Time and Preferred owner benefits do NOT transfer upon Resale
  164. I hope BG will get rid of UDIs.
  165. Smoking at BlueGreen Resorts
  166. New Bluegreen purchase question
  167. Is BG adding more properties or is this for communities only?
  168. No RCI if purchased BG resale?
  169. What does UDI stand for?
  170. OK, here are my BG questions...
  171. Future Bluegreen resale purchases
  172. So if you had 9,000 saved points...
  173. Booking for exchange with RCI
  174. Players Club Hilton Head
  175. Potential New Owner
  176. Finally Closed!!!
  177. Availability at Daytona SeaBreeze for May
  178. I want to purchase Bluegreen Points Please give advice on how to proceed
  179. Selling BG points
  180. Using the BG Points
  181. Considering First Time Bluegreen Purchase - Trying to Evaluate Price
  182. Adding points
  183. Rumor for new Bluegreen Resort in Linville, North Carolina
  184. Looking to sell BG points
  185. Bluegreen Owner Bulletin regarding Timeshare By Owners
  186. New BG Purchase
  187. New Bluegreen Process for RCI Account Set Up
  188. Bluegreen Credit
  189. Resales and Day Use
  190. Resale Maintenance fees after feb 21
  191. Good news on the Resort Title Front (long)
  192. The Hammocks At Marathon Ebay might be worth watching
  193. Full Disclosure
  194. Sea Glass Tower in Myrtle Beach
  195. Bluegreen points and Coast to Coast RV Resorts
  196. Big Cedar Wilderness Club Stories
  197. new owner
  198. Big Sky
  199. Keep or Cancel
  200. Just did 'preso' today
  201. Basic Qs
  202. 2 Night, 3 Day Offer
  203. Apparently No Age Limit ?
  204. Day use
  205. Buying Bluegreen Resale in 2007
  206. Newbie question:buy or add points?
  207. BG Purchase at Big Cedar
  208. Bluegreen resorts - number of units in each resorts
  209. Adding points?
  210. Buying Additional Points
  211. Owners Update at Wilderness Club at Big Cedar
  212. Renting out BG Points
  213. Numbering of cabins at Wilderness Club @ Big Cedar
  214. CMV Timbers UDI - Point Conversion
  215. New to BG, but for how long?
  216. Patrick Henry in Williamsburg VA
  217. When will the new Las Vegas resort open?
  218. Good BG trade to give RCI?
  219. question
  220. Bluegreen Points Question
  221. Hammocks in Marathon
  222. Bonus time available Hawaii
  223. O r l a n d o at Thanksgiving
  224. Converting Weeks to Points
  225. Bluegreen Questions.....
  226. BG Resorts thru II
  227. Bonus Time
  228. Question about Exchange Company for BG
  229. Buying points from parents
  230. New Bluegreen Resort is Wisconsin Dells: Odyssey Dells
  231. Adding Points
  232. more bang for my buck.
  233. new threat
  234. Lowest MFs
  235. Introduction
  236. Info for selling 13000EOY points Blugreen timeshare
  237. intro and question
  238. Some general questions
  239. Sharing Bluegreen Benefits?
  240. lodge alley inn
  241. rci
  242. Fixed weeks to Points
  243. Bluegreen Williamsburg is available on bonus time now
  244. Bluegreen Las Vegas Resort
  245. Point Value Assessment
  246. BT and Sliver level with resale...is this person an authorized resaler
  247. Bluegreen Annual Meeting Notice - Sept 25, 2007
  248. Nice Fall Special currently in effect for Bluegreen Resorts
  249. EOY MF Question
  250. Renting Points
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