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  1. If you just bought a TIMESHARE during a tour while on Vacation...
  2. Welcome to the Timeshare Economics Forum
  3. Who is Timeshare Best For & Where do you buy?
  4. Help!
  5. When does it make sense to buy from the developer?
  6. Due Diligence on your resort maintenance fee
  7. Can you maintain a hotel?
  8. Hedging currency exchange rate risk
  9. South Florida Real Estate Bubble
  10. Resales up at Holiday
  11. Advise Needed
  12. Need help understanding "point based timeshares"
  13. Points developers' shell games
  14. Timeshare Foreclosure in Florida
  15. Newbie 1st post-should I accept timeshare gift?
  16. ''Exit package for developers''
  17. Timeshare calculator
  18. rent my timeshare
  19. Handle your own timeshare closing!
  20. Timeshare Closing
  21. An "owner friendly" alternative for selling and renting
  22. I give a strong thumbs-up to 'base.google.com' ..
  23. I've had this offer on my t/s....but question I can do it this way..
  24. Need help
  25. Timesharecostcalculator.com
  26. ''Bonus Points''
  27. Last minute vacations via renting a timeshare unit on ebay
  28. Getting the best price on an ebay auction - How to snipe an ebay auction!
  29. Timeshare reselling values?
  30. Are preconstruction prices a good deal in timeshare?
  31. Takeover bids against timeshares
  32. Exchange company rentals impact on t/s owners and resorts
  33. Why do timeshares loose so much value
  34. Damage Deposit for timeshare rental
  35. New Insights into Rentals and Timeshare Supply and Demand
  36. Transferring a FF VIP ownership via a TRUST
  37. Condo-hotels....new wave in California
  38. Renting Timeshares with a hotel on property.
  39. Another RCI Revenue idea.
  40. I have no idea what the topic is
  41. Places Where No More Timeshares likely to be built
  42. Weeks Purists Theory: does this ring true?
  43. Carolinian: Lodge Alley Inn just for you.
  44. The Future of timeshare prices?
  45. Example of why weeks systems will never have mass market appeal
  46. The myth of exclusivity
  47. Timeshares By Owner
  48. FAQ about TS sales closing
  49. Challenging the assertion that automatic deposits are bad
  50. In support of fixed weeks...
  51. Does a year round warm area guarantee a good supply/demand curve?
  52. Condo-Hotels
  53. South African Peak Week Trading Power
  54. More evidence supporting Resort Group theory
  55. ARDA: only 32.9% of Timeshares are used by owners or their guests
  56. TS Closing Process
  57. Justifying the high developer prices?
  58. Marriott conversation
  59. Buying from a zero rated seller?
  60. Wyndham worldwide - Cendant Spin off, RCI branch
  61. value of PFD?
  62. At what point do MFs become untenable?
  63. Why exchange companies should allow rentals of exchanges...
  64. Rescinding in Europe
  65. Ebay Seller "Happy Owner"
  66. Reserving a floating week
  67. Ebay and Ending early auctions
  68. My friend joined RCI
  69. MBNA's RCI MasterCard Problem
  70. eBay deals vs. my Moms offer
  71. Low Maint Fee - Strong II Trader? Chemteach? Others?
  72. TS tour ethics
  73. Timeshare advantages which make economic sense!
  74. US Timeshare Industry Continues Strong Growth with 2005 Sales of 8.6 Billion
  75. Rental Milestone
  76. $2 timeshare sale on Ebay
  77. $130,000 for 5 consecutive Prime weeks!
  78. Tanner & Haley Resorts Bankruptcy
  79. Exchangin RCI Points for Airfare
  80. Member Krboyd needs advice on using there week
  81. Good article on Resales
  82. Myths of ''highly seasonal resorts''
  83. Does anything gets anything end up in Dogs?
  84. Value of Courtyard Resort - Week 24
  85. What are your timeshare plans when you retire
  86. Does your resort share their financials with members?
  87. Los Lagos De Fanabe Week 12 One Bedroom
  88. General Questions about Buying TS
  89. Making a Disney Purchase
  90. Question about Premier Vacation Club
  91. Colorado, Where to buy?
  92. Suggestions from a Retired Couple
  93. Net Income of TS Rental
  94. Best way to advertise a Timeshare Rental
  95. Tiger Traders
  96. Resale of a mortgaged TS
  97. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - May 2007
  98. Maintenance Fees
  99. Only looking for local vacation spots
  100. $117,120 for one week of timeshare!
  101. Newbie question about pricing
  102. US Timeshare sale hit 10 Billion in 2006
  103. Economics Questions
  104. Why not just rent rather than buy
  105. Newbie Help
  106. And they should know better!
  107. Timesharing Article in www.att.net
  108. Another Place to Donate Timeshares
  109. Timeshare at Hanalei Bay Resort
  110. dumplin Needs help
  111. Live in a motel
  112. Timeshare Donation Dirty Little Secrets
  113. Thinking of buying RCI
  114. Avg US Timeshare MF 2004 & 2006
  115. Contact Us: Site Feedback from JOHN LOUCKS
  116. New guy, old questions probably.
  117. selling a timeshare - newbie
  118. Bonus Weeks in sales contract Resale
  119. Just bought first resale --- did I do good?
  120. Marriott vs Points-based
  121. Can't find economics post?
  122. Dealing with TS Direct Sales Rep
  123. Buying advice
  124. Pricing a Lockout Unit
  125. How do you determine a fair and resonable offer price?
  126. 2007 US timeshare Glance
  127. Do I pay more to exchange a location?
  128. Saving Gas This Summer
  129. How To Walk Away (Renee) From a Paid-for Timeshare
  130. New Buyers Remorse...
  131. What ebay company to use?
  132. When your kids don't want them?
  133. Trying to get in...NC or TN
  134. Considering a Re-sale Club Intrawest membership
  135. Selling timeshares
  136. 2009 Maintenance Fee Thread
  137. Buyer's remorse- Big mistake?
  138. Points Purchase
  139. Charitable contributions of the use of your timeshare, reminder
  140. TST and HG Auctions
  141. I need purchasing advice!
  142. Requesting advice on how to proceed
  143. Street Talk Forum
  144. The pre-conditions for Timeshare Reform may have arrived
  145. Some interesting resort numbers
  146. Hilton Grand Vacation opinions please
  147. Non rented timeshares
  148. So, is it a good time to buy a timeshare, or not?
  149. Navigating the Nightmare
  150. Forbes article about ARDA lobbying dollars in 4th qtr of 2008
  151. Selling
  152. Skyauction selling rci certificates for $ 179
  153. To buy a So Cal resort?
  154. spreadsheet
  155. Timeshare loan defaults at an all time high...
  156. Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate expert will be on TODAY - Unwanted TS
  157. GMAC Bank Bites the Dust
  158. Similar ? as "So Cal Resort" but want POINTS
  159. Foreclosure question?
  160. Marriott Orlando trading power-a good idea?
  161. New RCI exchange / rental format means owning blue to trade is no bargain
  162. Buying more points
  163. Bonus RCI week at Wyndham?
  164. Anybody Know Anything about this?
  165. Purchase Consideration
  166. Defaults Still Peaking for U.S. Timeshare
  167. Just Cancelled Marriott Aruba Surf Club
  168. Bad timing
  169. Good deal? Good trading power?
  170. 2010 Maintenance Fees
  171. Pay More for VRI Managed Resort??
  172. Who is this timeshare mogul?
  173. Anyone advertise their rentals on HOMEAWAY?
  174. Who has the Highest Maintenance Fees and Cost for Buying A Week?
  175. TS tours subsidizing unemployment.
  176. Rental Sites
  177. Four Seasons Aviara
  178. Significant advantages than the previous model
  179. Is Timesharing right for us?
  180. 2011 Maintenance Fees
  181. The economy and Timeshare bad debt
  182. Are you this optimistic?
  183. Possible First Time Buyer--HELP!
  184. urgent advice needed
  185. OBX timeshare resales still happening
  186. About Point to Point Destination
  187. Update on OBX timeshare resales
  188. Chateau World trying to sell Banff resort to members...Is it a good investment?
  189. 4br LO Tri-annual traded to (2) 1br's and (1) 2br's?
  190. Refinance a Fractional Mortgage?
  191. Potential platform for hosting rental operations
  192. New Timeshare Owner - Did I make the Right Decision? (Should I Rescind/Cancel?)
  193. New purchase
  194. Optional Title Insurance?
  195. REMINDER - Why we bought timeshare
  196. Tips for buying resale?
  197. Urgent: purchase RCI Platinum points?
  198. OBX resales test: t/s resells down only marginally
  199. Difference between Owning points or Fractional ownership?
  200. Maintenance Fees 2012
  201. Silverpoint Resale - Rebuy HELP
  202. Timesharing Today
  203. How to Buy Points with RCI?
  204. Tired with the fees
  205. Ebay Timeshare Deals
  206. How many have changed their TS ownership since Points Lite?
  207. Another Rent or Own Comment
  208. Bluegreen Maintenance Fees
  209. ARDA warning about fake MF billings.
  210. Question regarding Fixed week and purchasing extra points - Need answer to RESCIND!
  211. Dalewood Property Collection wants to buy my friends TS for 35K
  212. W & W Consulting Company wants to buy my timeshare for significant $$$
  213. Hidden costs
  214. In Some Things, The Truth Pretty Much Works
  215. Timeshare fee's 2014
  216. Eaglecrest
  217. The Timeshare Tourniquet
  218. Post Mortem Transfer Fee Question
  219. Got a call
  220. The Least One RCI Exchange Vacation Costs
  221. SD Property Tax auction includes 18 units at Club Aviara
  222. Time to move on
  223. 4%-5% fee increases/year? How long can TS's sustain this inflation?
  224. Another Factor Facing Timehsaring?
  225. Yeahm What He's Saying
  226. Your home resort's policy for deed backs
  227. Sunset Clauses
  228. Exit Strategy
  229. Apple Valley Resort: The Story of a Legacy Resort
  230. New tax imposed on timeshares in the US Virgin Islands
  231. Another tax increase hitting timeshare owners in Maui
  232. Co-worker bought retail..argh
  233. How are your maintenance fees and taxes ?
  234. Interesting site that tracks timeshare resales
  235. Get rid of youir timeshare company goes bankrupt
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