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  1. Powhatan...We Gave it an F
  2. How would I cross post?
  3. Harborside Resort at the Atlantis- Rating- C
  4. A friendly intro from Chap7, your "Horror Story" moderator
  5. Worst Gifts Received on a Pitch
  6. Trendwest targetted by the Australian Government
  7. Just trying to call home
  8. Couldn't get a good nights' sleep at Pacific Shores
  9. has anybody been conned?
  10. Timeshare resales stories
  11. Vistana salesman
  12. Seeking Information
  13. Desert Oasis - hot tub running nonstop
  14. Scammed by Sunset Lagoon and Resorts International
  15. Ok...we heard about the worst ts presentation gifts...are there any good ones?
  16. Atlantis Guest Data Stolen
  17. Sunterra - Avoid At All Costs!!!
  18. What Happens if Purchaser Walks Away
  19. HGVC is going to drop Bay Club?
  20. Cendant Mortgage - Century21/Coldwell
  21. Atrium St Maarten Special Assessment
  22. Buying Starwood Timeshare
  23. Greed... It's what brings them in!!!
  24. Vactionweeks.com and Cabo Villas Resorts: Be Warned
  25. The closing nightmare
  26. Timeshare Relief and Wikepedia
  27. Problems with TimeShare Closing Services!
  28. Timeshare hassles and ripoffs
  29. Festiva goes to points and charges Thousands
  30. Never buy a timeshare from Wyndham
  31. Timeshare scam - beware!
  32. Attention: Summer Bay Owners
  33. Beware Resale Company Called Etoo
  34. genuine or not
  35. New To TimeshareForums
  36. Has anyone fallen for this scam?
  37. Timeshare sale question....
  38. MROP ORE/VRI Special Assessment!
  39. Warning for selling / buying timeshare
  40. read about immoral practice
  41. follow-up on immoral practice
  42. Talking people out of TS Purchase At Resort
  43. Presentations - What can I expect?
  44. O A-Rescinding Past Timeframe
  45. Just how bad was I duped?
  46. U S Property Laws.
  47. Inventory Solutions UK Ltd
  48. Help!! A Good friend of mine just bought from developer at Williamsburg Plantation!
  49. Velas Vallarta Scam
  50. Don't Be Intimidated
  51. Buyers Remorse Shell Explorer Trial
  52. Festiva Settles With MO AG
  53. Festiva St. Maarten
  54. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
  55. The Time Share Space - Post Card Company
  56. Hertz Rental Car
  57. Doing homework a little too late
  58. Time Share Fraud in Mexico
  59. ebay/travel horror story
  60. Boutique Resort LaJolla, Mazatlan, Mexicio $6,175.00 Scam!
  61. Almost tricked... Help...
  62. Want to cancel but seller won't let us... please help
  63. my wife was in tears!
  64. SFX - Bad Deal
  65. Need Help!
  66. MOR Vacations
  67. I really got taken
  68. Miss Manners Says
  69. Wonder if this would work in place of owner update?
  70. Timeshare Scams
  71. RCI / Summer Bay
  72. Anyone dealt with Vacation Time International?
  73. Update on the Bait and Switch Issue
  74. Westgate Sales Tactics
  75. How To Rescind - The Berkley Group & The Grandview
  76. I 'm Mad at Myself
  77. weasels @wyndham owners update more agressive?
  78. I need advice quickly-please help!
  79. Revocation/Rescinding Timeshare Grandview Las Vegas Help!!!
  80. Silverleaf Resorts & Spirit Incentives
  81. Newest Timeshare Victim in Mexico. HELP!!!
  82. Tmeshare from hell, Marriott Beach Club, Maui
  83. rescinding and nervous
  84. Final notice... Help!
  85. Need help with Berkshires problem now. Thanks.
  86. Grandview Las Vegas Misrepresentation?
  87. Resale - Grand Beach II - Diamond Resort
  88. We sell your timeshare nightmare
  89. Man Says Resort Fined Him $4K Over His Shirt
  90. Dikhololo management take over my timeshare unit!!!
  91. Rental Deal Gone Bad, Real Bad!
  92. Stonegate in Great Barrington Mass-Do not go there!
  93. Phone Resale Problem
  94. be aware of buyatimeshare.com
  95. Diamond Resorts LTVR presentation
  96. Porto Azzurro Resort Club
  97. Need advice on timeshare purchase
  98. Unbelievable
  99. TV report about Wyndham in Myrtle Beach
  100. Grandview revocation ??????
  101. Mandy Patinkin working for Timeshare Relief?
  102. Check if they are Leigit
  103. Aother good article warning sellers....
  104. Scare Tactics
  105. Selling a timeshare
  106. www.centurytimesharegroup.com possible scam...
  107. Worldwide Travel Center
  108. Grandview Timeshare and hardtimes
  109. Don't even know where to begin...
  110. orange lake resorts class action lawsuit
  111. Buy Owner Resort Marketing- possible CMA scam?
  112. Mexico Story
  113. Boutique Resort La Jolla Mazatlan are Criminals !!
  114. Timeshare By Owner
  115. i got scammed into a timeshare
  116. State of Florida settles with seven timeshare marketers...
  117. I don't know where to turn!
  118. Beware the beast "TORRENZA Private Residence Club Resorts"
  119. Nationwide Marketing Solutions of Lake Worth- BEWARE!
  120. Article in the St Pete Times with info about possible timeshare marketing scams...
  121. Two Timeshare Gold Line employees arrested....
  122. News story out of Virginia about a company called Premium Timeshares.
  123. Has Anyone Dealt With International Timeshare Network?
  124. Tampa news report warns against Resort Equity Marketing..
  125. Article warning about complaints against Executive Timeshare Marketing..
  126. Cell and home call
  127. Was this a scam to get us to buy?
  128. Get out of contract after months have passed
  129. Article warning about complaints againt "One Stop Timeshares"
  130. Article warning about possible scam with Timeshare Express Services...
  131. Article warning about possible scam with propertyexpertsmarketing.com
  132. Article warning about possible scam with Millenium Escapes..
  133. Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
  134. Velas Resorts Scam
  135. Vice President of Vacation Concepts arrested for sales without a license..
  136. Timeshare Horror Stories
  137. Diamond Resorts International Sampler nightmare
  138. anyone gettin calls to buy and sell listen up!
  139. Interesting article about the many faces of Timeshare Relief...
  140. Mass AG issues orders against three vacation clubs..
  141. article on timeshares
  142. Possible timeshare scam opinion
  143. Article warning about possible scam with IA Vacations and American Timeshare Closings
  144. Timeshare Adventures Inc. Scam?
  145. Mass AG injunction against Timeshare Advocates for fraud
  146. Florida AG files suit against three more resale marketing companies..
  147. Another fraud alert- this one for VP Coast Properties/Coast to Coast Timeshare
  148. Indictments for Real Timeshare Marketing - scammed more than $1 millon!
  149. Reporting Scams
  150. Florida AG's office is working overtime!
  151. Brief description of a timeshare tour in Vegas...
  152. Scam alert issued for Timeshare Mega Media out of Ft. Lauderdale!
  153. Sales tactics.
  154. educate yourself about timeshares
  155. Land'or International
  156. New scam alert for Recreational Concepts International..
  157. Scam alert- International Timeshare Unlimited and Joseph Ramos
  158. New scam alert for MGM Universal Timeshare..
  159. Timeshare owner leads for sale!
  160. New timeshare scam alert for Creative Vacation Solutions!
  161. New scam alerts- Timeshare Property Buyers & Direct Timeshare Buyers
  162. Scam alert- Inmobiliaria El Solucion in
  163. Florida shuts TS Luxury Group scam- must refund complaints over the next 90 days!
  164. Scam alert- Recreation Concepts International
  165. Ohio AG publishes short warning about timeshare scams..
  166. Scam alert- Golden Sands Marketing out of the UK and Spain..
  167. Super Timeshare hit with fine for Do Not Call violations..
  168. Scam alert- International Resort Sellers LLC in Orlando..
  169. Scam alert- US Timeshare Management of Fort Lauderdale
  170. Scam alert- US Vacations out of Largo, FL
  171. Scam alert- Audit Recovery Systems Inc of Boca Raton, FL
  172. Scam alert-Fractional Ownership Liquidators Inc of West Palm Beach
  173. extratimeonline, bonus week breaks
  174. Illinois Attorney General issues press release on timeshare related fraud...
  175. Vacation Village Voyages experiences?
  176. Report timeshare scams- Take action against consumer fraud!
  177. Victims of Timeshare resale fraud
  178. Possible scam alert- Personal Travel Group Limited out of the UK
  180. Timeshare Resales can be limiting.
  181. Possible timeshare scam- International Paradigm Marketing
  182. US Dept of Justice takes action against Real Timeshare Marketing
  183. Westgate Lakes Sales People Are Diabolical
  184. West Palm Beach Resale Brokers
  185. Resort Connection International?
  186. ILX maintenance fees went up 50%
  187. Holiday INN Vacation Club RIPOFF
  188. Timeshare resales... Really!!!!..lol
  189. More Florida Attorney General investigations...
  190. Swat Team Shuts Down Timeshare Express!
  191. Another alleged timeshare resale scam- Austin Resale Brokers..
  192. Orlando Swat Team Raids Two More Timeshare Scams..
  193. Wyndham "Survey" by the "Non-Sales Person" Let's Play Count the Lies....
  194. The new wave of scammers- fake escrow companies!
  195. Timeshare Express is a Fraud!
  196. RCI Innovations inc- Gregory Fusca arrested for fraud & larceny
  197. Sheraton Desert Oasis Scottsdale AZ.
  198. Vacation Village Voyages QUESTION....HELP!
  199. Time share investors america Another scam
  200. La jolla, mazatlan scam
  201. Potential timeshare scam by North American Liquidation Group
  202. Reminder: Be Careful for Mexican Timeshare Resale Scams
  203. Judgment Day Arrives for Owner of Universal Marketing Solutions
  204. Twenty employees of HES Systems timeshare scam are work-release inmates!
  205. Blue Green--did we do the right thing?
  206. Geo holidays @ the jockey club: Scam
  207. SMA Timeshare Summit Marketing Scam smatimeshare.com
  208. Timeshare lawyers
  209. Rescinding Timeshare Contracts and Exhorbitant Maintenance Fees - E Petition
  210. Rescinding a BG sampler package
  211. Stay away from buyatimeshare.com
  212. La Jolla Mazatlan, Mexico/ Fraud time share robbery.
  213. Yeah, Like I really was talking to Hector - SPAM
  214. Revocation Form sent (For Grandview @ Las Vegas, NV.) - anything else?
  215. I am a former Timeshare Resaler. Please listen.
  216. Inside the Scams
  217. SCAM BUSTERS - Wyndham's 'Buyer Beware' List
  218. GeoHoliday Club - Rescind Help
  219. sunset harbor resort sales people
  220. Another bizarre news story. The final line of the article is perfect..
  221. Young girl killed at Orange Lake Resort- possible electrocution
  222. The Only Way Out.
  223. Royal Elite / Sandos Resort in Cancun
  224. What do you own when you buy a timeshare? Nothing.
  225. Attention: Sunset Cove Owners who have lost points from Sale !!!
  226. Dishonesty at Hilton Honors
  227. The Pros and Cons of doing Business with Diamond Resort International
  228. Protecting America's Consumers
  229. Timeshare Fraud Case
  230. Just Anotheer Discouraged Timeshare Owner?
  231. Very dissatisfied with Hospitality employees at Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation!
  232. Melia Timeshare Scam
  233. Royal Elite Club Membership Scam at Sandos Caracol
  234. Bet this story gets more attention than any other timeshare fraud article!
  235. PPM Premier Property Managements SCAM!
  236. Jet Airways :mad:
  237. Westgate loses fraud case in Tennessee
  238. nautical watch beach resort bellaire beach fl
  239. Did I screw up buying more points from developer?
  240. & Y'all Think I'm Bad!
  241. Unlimited Vacation Club
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