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  1. Tax assessments for new ts purchase...pls help
  2. Welcome to the Transferring Ownership forum!
  3. Basic Closing Process for Non-Deeded Ownerships
  4. Basic Closing Process for Deeded Ownerships in the US
  5. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama
  6. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah
  7. Orange Lake transfer fee update...
  8. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri
  9. Mardi Gras Manor I- New Orleans- transfer fee update
  10. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee....
  11. Grand Pacific Resorts & Advanced Financial Company transfer fee update...
  12. Hilton Grand Vacations Club transfer fee update..
  13. Tri-Com Management transfer fee requirement update...
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  15. I'm selling my timeshare- what taxes am I going to have to pay?...
  16. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.. ..
  17. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands...
  18. Royal Aloha Vacation Club transfer fee update...
  19. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana..
  20. Diamond Resorts International (formerly Sunterra) transfer and estoppels fee info....
  21. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Maine, Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire...
  22. Wyndham Resorts estoppels and transfer fee requirement updates....
  23. What is the best way to give away MROP timeshare?
  24. Closing costs for deeded timeshares in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut..
  25. A Better Result From Timeshare Closing Services, Inc.
  26. Island One Resorts & Club Navigo transfer fee requirement update....
  27. Shell Vacations Club transfer fee and requirements info....
  28. Monarch Grand Vacations transfer requirement and fee info....
  29. Marriott Vacation Club transfer requirements and fee info.......
  30. Pueblo Bonito transfer fee increase effective immediately.....
  31. Hyatt Vacation Ownership transfer requirements and fee info.......
  32. SPM Resorts transfer fee increase....
  33. Do "II" or RCI memberships transfer with a resale
  34. Divi Resorts transfer process and information....
  35. Returning a Marriott week
  36. Transferring deeded ownership of a Canadian timeshare....
  37. Islander Beach Resort in New Smyrna Beach
  38. Surrey Vacation Resort and Surrey Grand Crowne
  39. Morritt's resorts
  40. Advice for "deedback" of unused unit?
  41. Dikhololo in Brits, South Africa
  42. Interesting TUG thread about removing a name by quit claim...
  43. Wills and TS
  44. Deed Question
  45. Disney Vacation Club estoppels fee....
  46. Diamond Resorts Delaying Owner's Resale Transfers
  47. RV Resorts and Campground membership transfers....
  48. Festiva Resorts transfer and "verification" estoppels fee info....
  49. Westwinds Club in the Bahamas
  50. Hey Rikkis - what is the VRI....
  51. Bluegreen Vacation Club transfer requirements and fee info.......
  52. Ron Jon Club Caribe transfer fee and procedures..
  53. Reasonable Closing Costs?
  54. Giving Back a TimeShare that is paid off....
  55. Dump site for timeshare
  56. Possible issues with transfers of South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach....
  57. Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club
  58. Paradise Island Beach Club
  59. ESJ Towers.. Closing process...
  60. General deed
  61. Marriott Vacation Club Platinum 2 Bedroom up for grabs
  62. Timeshare transfer companies
  63. Bought Timeshare on Ebay for one cent. Need HELP!
  64. What does the "deed" look like??
  65. Recommended closing agents by state.......
  66. Transfer problem with non TS
  67. Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan transfer info...
  68. Property Donation Group: Scam
  69. New Starwood estoppels requirement...
  70. Grand Regina transfer requirements...
  71. Hawaii Quit-Claim Deed Transfer
  72. Timeshares as "hate gifts?"
  73. Transfer process for Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck
  74. Is Resorts Transfer Inc a company that delivers?
  75. Life Oasis for Children
  76. SCAM WARNING- Don't pay for a title search to sell your timeshare!
  77. My mom is terminally ill and need to get rid of her timeshare
  78. Our situation
  79. Windjammer Landing in St Lucia
  80. Can I?
  81. Probate attorneys in Florida familiar with timeshare properties...
  82. Should you go through probate to inherit a timeshare?
  83. I want to sell my RCI Package
  84. United Title Transfer
  85. Change in escrow law requirement for Hawaii effective July 1, 2010
  86. Giving back to seller
  87. Appraisal
  88. Transfer process for Club Intrawest...
  89. Transfer process for Oyster Bay Beach Resort.
  90. Counterfeit checks from Canada on the rise..
  91. Increased deed stamps for the Harborside Resort in the Bahamas..
  92. ts.
  93. Villa del Palmar and Villa del Mar- general info and change in transfer process
  94. The Transfer Shop
  95. Trade your timeshares for lots
  96. Transfer process for Windjammer Landing in St Lucia
  97. How much will it cost to transfer ownership?
  98. Transfer process for Playa Linda Beach Resort..
  99. Transfer process for Paradise Village Beach Resort..
  100. Transfer process for Marina Fiesta.
  101. Transfer process for Sand Acres Beach Club in Barbados
  102. Transfer process for Alpenrose Condominiums.
  103. Transfer process for Island Park Village
  104. Transfer process for Franklin D Resort in Jamaica..
  105. Transfer process for the Gardens in Orlando..
  106. Closing process for Coconut Mallory in Key West
  107. Closing process for Schooner II Beach & Racquet
  108. Closing process for Sunset Fishermen Spa Resort
  109. General info article for Sand Pebbles Resort in Solana Beach
  110. Choosing a vesting option during the closing process
  111. Changes for the Truth-in-Lending Act rules for some timeshare mortgages..
  112. New Nevada Timeshare Tax Law
  113. Christie Lodge Resale Transfers New Rules
  114. Timeshare Transfering Information & Warning
  115. Resorts that accept deedbacks
  116. Selling a timeshare with a missing spouce
  117. Deedback question
  118. Timeshare Transfer Inc.
  119. need a transfer company
  120. Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common
  121. Perennial Vacation Club transfer fee and info.....
  122. How do you transfer Bluegreen ownership?
  123. Holiday Group nightmare
  124. Buying Wyndham Points Resale Question
  125. Wyndham Kauai Beach Villas - Transfer?
  126. In Florida, it is a crime for a Buyer to prepare the deed!
  127. Baycrab -Has anyone heard of Dallas Resale Group
  128. Transfer process for Raintree Vacation Club..
  129. Transfer process for Kinston Manor at Foxwood..
  130. Transfer on the Spot. Need information
  131. Pelican Resort Transfers Not Being Accepted During Closure...
  132. Can Your Timeshare Be a Tax Deduction?
  133. I'm being dragged to Transfer Smart
  134. Requirements for free TS?
  135. Can we trade our deed with someone else?
  136. anyone heard of IMF on Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C.? are they legitimate?
  137. Transfer process and fees for Inn at Silvercreek
  138. Timesharesbyowner...
  139. Bought points off ebay - when to worry?
  140. Marriott Destination Club points- transfer info and fees
  141. Is this worth it?
  142. Westgate Right of First Refusal Process
  143. Transfer process for Mystic Dunes (formerly Palms Country Club and Resort)
  144. Vacation Village Resorts transfer process
  145. Timeshare tussle with Judge Joe Brown
  146. Donations On Line
  147. When you buy a resale, what contract are you signing?
  148. help? i need to sell.
  149. Reasonable closing cost?
  150. Deed transfer help with RCI Points.
  151. New Law to Remove Timeshares from the Land Court in Hawaii
  152. unorganized resale market
  153. VRI seems to be fighting the PCC's
  154. Property Taxes for Virgin Island timeshares are finally being billed!
  155. Buying Resale Timeshare
  156. Want to get rid of a deeded week
  157. Help Please: Very Confused
  158. OK...here's an idea
  159. Married: both on title vs one on title.
  160. Signing a Power of Attorney when buying a timeshare
  161. need contact info for Sudwala Lodge
  162. Has anyone Foreclosed on their Timeshare?
  163. Have you ever offered your timeshare to someone?
  164. Diamond Resorts 10K points
  165. Holiday Inn Club Vacations
  166. Timeshare Closing Services Inc.-Asking for SSI number
  167. New here! I need help in selling my timeshare!
  168. Is There Any Market for Not Paid Off TSs?
  169. Notice regarding TS resale sellers.....
  170. Transfering timeshare in HNL
  171. Transfer process and fee for Shanty Creek Vacation Club in Michigan
  172. Transfer process and fee for Surf Rider Condominium in Pompano Beach
  173. What info should you give to potential buyer?
  174. Purchase Company Review/Feedback Request
  175. Inheriting a timeshare
  176. Reliable and inexpensive closing agent?
  177. Eldorado and Colorado
  178. Anyone else mourn their sale of their TS?
  179. Can RCI points TS be sold while still holding a reservation in RCI?
  180. Looking to sell my timeshare
  181. How to sell trendwest/Worldmark
  182. Social Security Numbers
  183. Mayan Palace transfer fees
  184. Buyer Beware: JRA Closings
  185. Hoping to have given away Westgate fixed week.
  186. time share for sale
  187. Help me fill out this quitclaim deed! Please
  188. Anyone have experience gifting a Virginia timeshare?
  189. Take over a timeshare or sell it?
  190. Selling timeshare
  191. Free Week: Lakewood Resort - Lake of the Ozarks
  192. Free Fox Run - Fall week
  193. Selling / Renting
  194. How to transfer timeshare when one partner is deceased
  195. Loss on TS sale tax deductible?
  196. Looking to sell My Monarch Timeshare
  197. Monarch Grand Vacations - Trying to sell
  198. Timeshare Auctions: Williamsburg
  199. How did you handle timeshares in your Will?
  200. Taking the DVC plunge
  201. Two pending purchases
  202. How to unload a timeshare on CNNmoney.com
  203. Washington AG nails timeshare ''Viking ship'' scam
  204. How to transfer my time share to new private buyer?
  205. Transfering ownership at Eagle Crest Resort in Oregon
  206. Are there legitimate timeshare listing companies
  207. Holiday Inn Club / RCI --I'm very confused
  208. Looking for opinions on this Oak Park Warranty Deed
  209. Can anyone own a timeshare
  210. Best places to go to get one bedroom hotels or resorts???
  211. Gold Key Timeshare - Virginia Beach
  212. Family transfer Diamond (DRI)
  213. Looking for someone to give my ownership to!!!!
  214. Looking to give away MGV 310 Points Everything up to date and paid for.
  215. Help transferring a timeshare
  216. Timeshare for sale
  217. Florida Vacation Village At Westin Forsale
  218. Want to sell/give my Shell timeshares away but they are points not deeded property.
  219. How can I get out of my Silverleaf Timeshare
  220. Quick Claim deed
  221. Giving my timeshare away to someone from another country.
  222. what's the angle on this scam acoming?
  223. Value Trader - Cancun
  224. Cheapest way to get rid of Silverleaf/Orange Lake Piney Shores ?
  225. Changing deed for Festiva resorts property
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